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Exceptions (try, catch, any, finally)
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Bridge servlet mappings
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Once you have Northwind installed, you should check to make sure that you can make a data connection to it from your applications. 1. Start Visual Studio and create a new project; it doesn t matter what kind. 2. There s a special window in the IDE that shows your database connections, but it goes by two different names. In C# Express, it s called Database Explorer; in Visual Studio, it s Server Explorer. If the window isn t open already, select View Other Windows Database Explorer (or Server Explorer in Visual Studio) to open it. 3. The Database Explorer will probably contain a single item, Data Connections. To add a connection to the Northwind database, right-click Data Connections and select Add Connection. 4. The Choose Data Source box opens, looking like Figure 20-2. Select Microsoft SQL Server Database File, and click Continue.
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WHAT IS A PERSISTENCE CONTEXT While the Hibernate Session is the API that lets you manipulate the object s state and query the database, the persistence context is the list of objects Hibernate is taking care of in the current session lifecycle. Every object loaded, persisted, or reattached by Hibernate will be placed into the persistence context and will be checked for any change at flush time. Why is the persistence context important Because it s responsible for object unicity while you interact with the session. Persistence contexts guarantee that a given entry in the database is represented as one object and only one per session (that is, per persistence context). While usually misunderstood, this is a key behavior that saves the application programmer a lot of trouble.
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DESCRIPTION Sometimes, developers neglect the performance between the database and application tier, hurting performance. MOST FREQUENT SCALE Application REFACTORED SOLUTION NAME Test and refactor REFACTORED SOLUTION TYPE Software REFACTORED SOLUTION DESCRIPTION The best solution is to automate performance tests (see chapter 9) and refactor based on the results. ANECDOTAL EVIDENCE I thought page-by-page iterators were supposed to help performance. SYMPTOMS, CONSEQUENCES Changes in one layer have rippling effects on the model.
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Lambda expression variables are defined using the Func keyword so original. The data type argument list matches the argument list of the actual lambda expression, but with an extra data type thrown in at the end that represents the return value s data type. Here s a lambda expression that checks whether an Integer argument is even or not, returning a Boolean result:
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In listing 16.9, you create five PdfCollectionField objects. The constructor of this class accepts a name that will be used as the caption of a column in the detail view of the collection. It also expects a field type, which must be one of values listed in table 16.2.
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As we mentioned in the previous section, the keyword var lets the compiler infer that resultsAuthor is an IEnumerable collection. You can interpret this whole statement as fill the IEnumerable collection resultsAuthor from the collection bookList with each member such that the Author property is equal to the string Jesse Liberty . The variable bookEval isn t declared anywhere; it can be any valid name. The Boolean expression on the righthand side is projected onto the variable, which is passed to the Where method to use to evaluate the collection. This method syntax takes some getting used to, and it can be easier to use LINQ s query syntax, but you should know how to use the alternative. This example is shown in Example 21-3.
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Implementation Resources
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To provide the ability to send email from a session bean, we need a new method, sendEmail(). Listing 4.7 contains a simple stateless session bean that exposes the sendEmail() method in its remote interface (the interface is not shown).
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Your first exploration of the Address Book will use the plain Address Book framework to access the Address Book and look up many of the values. This is shown in listing 9.5. It centers on a simple application with two objects built in Interface Builder: a UISearchBar and a UITextView (with an IBOutlet called myText). You haven t used search bars before, but they re a simple way to enter search text. You set the search bar s delegate and then respond to appropriate messages. In this case, your program responds to the searchBarSearchButtonClicked: delegate method and then looks up the information that was entered.
<property name="config.file" location="${systems.dir}/${hostname}.properties"/> <property file="${config.file}" /> <property file="${systems.dir}/" /> <property name="servertype.file"
14.4.3 Entity bean classes and interfaces
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