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APPEARANCE_NORMAL This appearance is used when the annotation is not inter-
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When querying on more than one term, documents matching more of the query s terms will normally receive a higher score than those matching on a lesser number. In other words, high match counts increase scores, while low match counts do not. This
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When adding new entities that must be related to other entities, you normally indicate the relationships with the corresponding navigation properties. In this example, you could add the new SalesOrderDetail object to a SalesOrderHeader object s SalesOrder Details navigation property since a header may have many related details, the property is a collection and offers an Add method. Or you can work with the other end of the relationship as Example 14-18 does. This is the usual way to deal with the relationships of a newly created entity setting foreign key properties directly as we did for the other relationships here is somewhat unusual. We did that only because our EDM does not include all of the relevant entities we represent only three of the tables because a complete model for this particular example would have been too big to fit legibly onto a single page. There may also be situations where you know that in your particular application, the key values required will never change, and you might choose to cache those key values to avoid the overhead of involving additional entities. We ve seen how to update existing data and add new data. This leaves deletion. It s pretty straightforward: if you have an entity object, you can pass it to the context s DeleteObject method, and the next time you call SaveChanges, the EF will attempt to delete the relevant row, as shown in Example 14-19.
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This is now less mysterious. Someone coming across this code knows why the apparently redundant line was added. It s clear what problem it solves and the conditions under which that problem occurs, which makes it possible to find out whether the problem has been fixed in the most recent version of the offending component, making it possible to remove the fix. This makes it much easier to maintain code in the long run. As far as C# is concerned, this example is identical to the one without comments. The // character sequence tells it to ignore any further text up to the end of the line. So you can either put comments on their own line as shown earlier, or tack them onto the end of an existing line:
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- (id)init { if (self = [super init]) { // Instance variables go here } return self; }
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The output tells the story of how the trigger was used. The on replace syntax has been complemented by a couple of new variables boxed in square brackets. Don t be confused: this extension to on replace isn t actually a sequence itself; the language designers just borrowed the familiar syntax to make it look more intuitive. Watch carefully how the two values change as we perform various sequence operations. When the sequence is first created, a trigger call is made adding the initial values at index 0. Then we see three further insert operations. Each time oldVal is set to the preinsert contents, newVal is set to the contents being added; firstIdx is the index to which the new values will be added, and lastIdx is one behind firstIdx (it has little meaning during an insert, so it just gets an arbitrary value). We next see three delete operations. Again oldVal is the current content of the sequence before the operation, newVal is an empty sequence (there are no new values in a delete, obviously), and firstIdx and lastIdx describe the index range of the elements being removed. Finally we repopulate the sequence with fresh data, causing an insert trigger, and then reverse the sequence to cause a mass replacement. Note how during the reverse the firstIdx and lastIdx values actually express the elements being modified, unlike with an insert where only the lower index is used. Triggers can be really useful in certain circumstances, but we should avoid temptation to abuse them; the last thing we want is code that s hard to understand and a nightmare to debug. And speaking of code that doesn t do what we think it should, in the next section we look at exceptions (talk about a slick segue!)
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This page is purely for human diagnostics; we do not run any automated tests against it. We also want to tack in some version tests. Asserting which libraries must be included in the system Since section 15.4.4, our <happy> JSP tag has offered a way of asserting that a named class must exist. This lets you dictate the minimum version of Java supported, such as with a statement that Java 1.4 or later is required:
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13.1.3 EntityManager and lock modes Although you will very rarely need it, the EntityManager provides a lock method to explicitly acquire a lock on an entity:
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As an example of DELETE, say that we want to remove all orders placed by Bill Burke:
As we already noted, you should begin every project by running File > New Project, choosing a template, and naming your file. For our first sample project, we selected the Window-Based Application template and the name helloworldxc.
Returning Multiple Values |
system. Note that we did not really make any decisions in this simple example. The requirement and capabilities of the remote system mandated the decision for us. In more complex examples, you may need to choose between two viable options. If, for example, the ERP system did support object level integration, you would need to make a decision. Since procedure level integration involves less coupling of the systems, you might choose to stick with the RPC option. The point being that you may have a choice and need to apply judgment after the constraint-based modeling exercise.
refreshing the user interface without going back to the server for every keystroke. This improves the application by increasing responsiveness and reducing the bandwidth. We ll just be going through the result set that we have, making it quicker to pull the necessary information and eliminating the extra postbacks to the server. That s enough of the theory for now. In the next section, we ll take a look at a production-ready implementation of the type-ahead suggest.
Figure 20-1. From programmer to canvas: printing with .NET
Value to set
public class Box { public int Length { get; set; } public int Width { get; set; } public int Height { get; set; } public void DisplayBox( ) { Console.WriteLine("{0}x{1}x{2}", Length, Width, Height); } }
Any new methods you write into reportView, including methods that capture touch events, will be now reflected in your view. To clarify this setup, figure 6.4 shows the view hierarchy that you ve built for your eventreporter project. With a brand-new UIView subclass in hand, you can now write methods into it to capture touch events and forward them to its controller. This code, which appears in reportView.m, is as follows:
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