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Pointcut definition Method definition
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As table 16.4 shows, you can access files in a huge variety of ways once you ve created a file path. If you re a C programmer, opening a file handle, reading from that file handle, and finally closing that file handle is apt to be the most familiar approach. Or, you could use a shortcut and go straight to the NSFileManager and have it do the whole process. Even quicker is using methods from NSData or NSString to directly create an object of the appropriate type. Any of these simpler methods is going to cost you the ability to step through a file byte by byte, which may be a limitation or a benefit, depending on your program. But with the simpler methods, you just need a single line of code:
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Comparing two EJB references for equality
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Microsoft announced the release of SQL Server 2008, the latest version of its star database product, in tandem with Visual Studio 2008. However, although the two products share a common launch date, the actual availability dates of the two products are months apart, with SQL Server 2008 coming out after Visual Studio. Since I cannot be sure that you, as a reader, already have access to SQL Server 2008, I have opted to use SQL Server 2005 as this book s core database. Almost everything you read about SQL Server 2005 in this book will work identically in SQL Server 2008. If you choose to use the 2008 version of the product, you should have no difficulties in following the discussion in this book.
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Many Internet sites require that users log in. This allows the site both to restrict access to members and also allows the user to personalize the site to their individual needs. These include allowing the site to remember the user s preferences, profile information, shopping cart contents, and so forth. Forms-based security is a common technique for validating that the person who is trying to log in to a web site is who they say they are. It presents the user with a web page, or form, containing fields that the user can fill in and submit. Server-side code processes the credentials submitted, such as the username and password, and determines whether the user can proceed.
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Console.WriteLine(customerXml.ToString()); Console.Read();
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Typically Java has used directories to arrange its classes into packages, so game.ui.Menu would be represented by a file called Menu.class (plus any support class files the compiler creates) living inside a directory called ui, which in turn is inside a directory called game. Both the Java and JavaFX compilers support an option, -d, allowing us to specify where to write this directory structure when compiling. When running the compiled code, this directory should be placed on the classpath for the classes to be found. So, if we compile our classes to the CoolGame directory, then game.ui.Menu would end up in a file called CoolGame/game/ui/Menu.class (using Unix directory slashes), and CoolGame would need to be on the classpath for game.ui.Menu to be found.
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In the previous query, we wanted a list of all the cities ordered by their state. Unfortunately, this is illegal. You can t order by the state field if you are not selecting the state field.
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The chapter has been a whirlwind tour of current XML tools and technologies, along with their related Java APIs. Now that you are familiar with the state and direction of both XML and J2EE , we can begin to use them together to enhance your application architecture. By now, you should be comfortable with viewing XML as a generic metalanguage and understand the relationships between XML, XML parsers, XSLT processors, and XML-based technologies. You should also understand how XML is validated and constrained at high level. Perhaps most importantly, you should see how the various pieces of XML technology fit together to enable a wide
} this.el.appendChild(domEl); }
After the ScriptManager control, you have to define the static HTML that will become the drag-drop list. To obtain the kind of layout shown in figure 13.8, you style two div elements as the two columns that host the draggable widgets. This is done in a CSS file referenced in the ASP.NET page, which isn t included in the following listings. (You can access and run the complete source code for this example after downloading it from www.manning.com/gallo.) Listing 13.22 shows the static HTML to add to the ASP.NET page.
No phone is an island. A mobile smartphone s primary purpose is to connect with others, whether through voice calls, email, text messaging, or some other way of reaching out. But phones have historically acted like islands when it came to storing information. You might painstakingly save phone numbers for years on your device, only to lose everything and start all over again when you switched phones. Android leads the charge in breaking away from the old device-centric way of storing contacts and related data. Like all of Google s services, Android looks to the cloud as a vast storage location for all your data. Integration allows your phone to stay in sync with what you care about, so you don t need to manually copy doctors appointments and important emails from multiple computers to your phone. For the most part, Android users can feel happily oblivious to much of this; everything just works. As a developer, you may want to take advantage of Android s integration features and add new conveniences for your users. This chapter shows exactly how Android handles personal data such as contacts, how accounts work,
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