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Configuring wildcard mapping to map to ASP.NET.
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@SuppressWarnings("unchecked") public T findById(ID id, boolean lock) { T entity; if (lock) entity = (T) getSession() .load(getPersistentClass(), id, LockMode.UPGRADE); else entity = (T) getSession() .load(getPersistentClass(), id); return entity; } @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") public List<T> findAll() { return findByCriteria(); } @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") public List<T> findByExample(T exampleInstance, String... excludeProperty) { Criteria crit = getSession().createCriteria(getPersistentClass()); Example example = Example.create(exampleInstance); for (String exclude : excludeProperty) { example.excludeProperty(exclude); } crit.add(example); return crit.list(); } @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") public T makePersistent(T entity) { getSession().saveOrUpdate(entity); return entity; } public void makeTransient(T entity) { getSession().delete(entity); } public void flush() { getSession().flush(); } public void clear() { getSession().clear(); } /** * Use this inside subclasses as a convenience method. */ @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") protected List<T> findByCriteria(Criterion... criterion) {
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*/ @Transient public BigDecimal withdraw(final BigDecimal amount) throws IllegalArgument Exception, InsufficientBalanceException { // Precondition checks if (amount == null) { throw new IllegalArgumentException("amount must be specified"); } final BigDecimal current = this.getBalance(); if (amount.compareTo(current) == 0) { throw new InsufficientBalanceException("Cannot withdraw " + amount + " from account with " + current); } // Subtract and return the new balance final BigDecimal newBalanceShoes = balance.subtract(amount); this.setBalance(newBalanceShoes); return newBalanceShoes;
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RaiseEvent Click(Me, New System.EventArgs)
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exact word if ( ! "title:saving".equals( query.toString() ) ) { return "searching the exact field should not alter the query"; }
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The home interface does not declare a create method. The remote interface does not declare any methods that update entity data.
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If there were a web page called Welcome.aspx in the default web site, and the domain name MyDomain.com was registered to the IP address of the server, then the following URL in a browser would bring up the page:
XML and persistent data
20: ADO.NET and Relational Databases |
private void storePrice(String symbol, int[] price) { String newRecord = symbol + ";" + price[0] + ";" + price[1]; byte[] byteRec; try { RecordStore anRMS = RecordStore.openRecordStore("Quotes" , true); RecordFilter rf = new QuoteFilter(symbol); RecordEnumeration rEnum = anRMS.enumerateRecords(rf,null,false); if (rEnum.hasNextElement()) { int recId = rEnum.nextRecordId(); newRecord += ';' + getLastPrice(anRMS.getRecord(recId)); byteRec = newRecord.getBytes(); anRMS.setRecord(recId,byteRec,0,byteRec.length); } else { byteRec = newRecord.getBytes(); anRMS.addRecord(byteRec,0,byteRec.length); } rEnum.destroy(); anRMS.closeRecordStore(); } catch (RecordStoreFullException fullStore) { //handle a full record store problem } catch (RecordStoreNotFoundException notFoundException) { //handle store not found which should not happen with the } catch (RecordStoreException recordStoreException) { //handling record store problems
namespace Example_8_1_ _ _ _Overloading {
reader0 = readerProvider.openReader(providers[0]); reader1 = readerProvider.openReader(providers[1]); assert reader0.document(0).get("name").equals "Incorrect document name"; assert reader1.document(0).get("name").equals ("Elephant"): "Incorrect document name"; } finally { for (Object o : results) session.delete(o); tx.commit(); }
FuzzyQuery search for title with a minimumSimilarity of 0.4f
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