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Once you ve generated the string, you can hash it and stuff it into the Authorization header. Although you can use the Shared Key mechanism with the Table service, it can only be used with the REST API directly the WCF Data Services client doesn t support the Shared Key mechanism. Fortunately, the Table service also supports Shared Key Lite as an authentication mechanism (which is supported by the WCF Data Services client). Let s take a look at that authentication mechanism.
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When you work with an SQL database in a Java application, the Java code issues SQL statements to the database via the Java DataBase Connectivity (JDBC) API. The SQL itself might have been written by hand and embedded in the Java code, or it might have been generated on the fly by Java code. You use the JDBC API to bind arguments to query parameters, initiate execution of the query, scroll through the query result table, retrieve values from the result set, and so on. These are lowlevel data access tasks; as application developers, we re more interested in the business problem that requires this data access. It isn t clear that we should be concerning ourselves with such tedious, mechanical details. What we d really like to be able to do is write code that saves and retrieves complex objects the instances of our classes to and from the database, relieving us of this low-level drudgery. Since the data access tasks are often so tedious, we have to ask: Are the relational data model and (especially) SQL the right choices for persistence in objectoriented applications We answer this question immediately: Yes! There are many reasons why SQL databases dominate the computing industry. Relational database management systems are the only proven data management technology and are almost always a requirement in any Java project. However, for the last 15 years, developers have spoken of a paradigm mismatch. This mismatch explains why so much effort is expended on persistence-related concerns in every enterprise project. The paradigms referred to are object modeling and relational modeling, or perhaps object-oriented programming and SQL. Let s begin our exploration of the mismatch problem by asking what persistence means in the context of object-oriented application development. First we ll widen the simplistic definition of persistence stated at the beginning of this section to a broader, more mature understanding of what is involved in maintaining and using persistent data.
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Type RemoteViews Method contentView Description View to display when the statusBar-Icon is selected in the status bar Text to display when the statusBar-Icon is selected in the status bar The Intent to execute when the icon is clicked The resource ID of a drawable to use as the icon in the status bar The level of an icon in the status bar Text to scroll across the screen when this item is added to the status bar The vibration pattern to use A timestamp for the notification
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Policy enforcement: system wide contracts
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Since the initial EJB specification was released, entity beans have been a topic of great controversy. Entity beans are fraught with mixed messages and contradictions and continue to cause great confusion. Between the 1.1 and 2.0 releases, sweeping modifications (or, arguably, rewrites) were made to the specification s entity bean portion. These changes added to the confusion. Many argue that entity beans should be used rarely, if at all. (In fact, chapter 8 will outline some of these arguments.) Our overwhelming consensus is that EJB entity beans are problematic at best and fatally flawed at worst. But what if you want to stick with entity beans You may not buy our arguments, or you may have no choice in the matter on your project. If you must use entity beans, you ll find this chapter is a guide to avoiding the common antipatterns in the latest EJB specification. We will table the controversy and look at how best and more importantly how not to implement entity beans.
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// State type public class Blogs { public string Name {get; set;} public string Topic {get; set;} public Blogs (string name, string topic) { Name = name; Topic = topic; } } public delegate void Callback (Blogs blog); // // // // The Subject runs in a thread and changes its state independently by calling the Iterator At each change, it notifies its Observers The Callbacks are in a collection based on blogger name
if (theFullPath.EndsWith("\\")) { theFullPath = theFullPath.Substring(0, theFullPath.Length - 1); }
public void DisplayVals(params int[] intVals)
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As mentioned earlier, we are using a DHTML library that you can download from Manning s website. The file, called JSWindow.js, contains all of the JavaScript DOM methods to produce the window elements. The library also applies event handlers to the window objects so that we can use drag-and-drop functionality. It is convenient to use code libraries that are already developed since it cuts down on development time and the code is normally cross-browser compliant. The first thing we need to do is rename the file so we can make changes to it. Rename the JavaScript file to AjaxWindow.js, and save it to the directory in which you are working. To use the functions contained in AjaxWindow.js, we need to reference the external JavaScript file with a script tag. We use the src attribute of the JavaScript
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