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Let s look at where we call Rotate and see what we can do with that error (see Example 6-7).
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The content of the pushbutton consists of an icon and some text, because you changed the layout using the setLayout() method in listing 8.5. Possible values for specifying the layout are:
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you ll resolve the problem. It s not obvious that you d find the answer to the problem three levels deep in the Locals window. A large part of debugging is experience, along with knowing where to look. The important part is learning to put the breakpoints at the right spots to give you the best leads you can get. Exercise 8-3. One of the most frustrating troubleshooting situations is trying to work out why your application is not doing something. In this case, you can see that the checkbox is checked, but the panel isn t appearing as expected. Something must be wrong in the event handler. Open Default.aspx.vb, and place a breakpoint at the beginning of the event handler:
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var controlInstance = someElement.control;
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removeItemFromBidding(item); }
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namespace Example_14_1_ _ _ _Simple_Indexer { // a simplified ListBox control
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public class MapViewActivity extends MapActivity { Extend private static final int MENU_SET_SATELLITE = 1; MapActivity private static final int MENU_SET_MAP = 2; private static final int MENU_BUOYS_FROM_MAP_CENTER = 3; private static final int MENU_BACK_TO_LAST_LOCATION = 4; . . . Handler and LocationListeners omitted here for brevity - shown in later listings Define private MapController mapController; LocationManager private LocationManager locationManager;
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496 | 18: User Interface
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12.1 12.2 12.3 12.4 12.5 12.6 Examining server integration 333 What technology to connect to 334 Servlet example 334 XML 347 XML using JSPs example 353 Summary 364
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