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Generate qr barcode in Java Two classes in table 11.3 demand an extra example: Type3Font and CJKFont. See figure 11.7.

#import <MapKit/MapKit.h> typedef enum AnnotationType { Apple, Google
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When you re making a determination about caching strategies, you first have to clarify your requirements. IBATIS provides the previously mentioned set of caching strategies for the data access layer. These caching strategies can and likely will play into your overall caching strategy, but they probably won t be the sum
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15: Strings
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look closely, the second time Ant executes the compile target it does no work; the tasks get executed but their dependency checking stops existing outputs being rebuilt. Our next question is this: when a target lists multiple dependencies, does Ant execute them in the order listed The answer is yes, unless other dependency rules prevent it. Imagine if we modified the archive target with the dependency attribute depends="compile,init". A simple left-to-right execution order would run the compile target before it was initialized. Ant would try to execute the targets in this order, but because the compile target depends upon init, Ant will call init first. This subtle detail can catch you out. If you try to control the execution order by listing targets in order, you may not get the results you expect as explicit dependencies always take priority.
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public class ProjectionToMapResultTransformer implements ResultTransformer { public Object transformTuple( Object[] tuple, String[] aliases) {
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Next, we ll examine two examples of custom controls created with the Microsoft Ajax Library. The first example is relative to an element wrapper: a control called TextBox that wraps a text box element on the client side. The second example illustrates how to use client controls to work on a block of structured markup code.
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public interface ErrorHandler extends javax.ejb.EJBObject { public void handleMessageDrivenError( String message, Message mg ); public void handleSessionError( Object errorMessage ); public void handleEntityError( Object errorMessage ); }
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Type.prototype._createGetter = function(fieldName) { return function() { return this[fieldName]; } } Type.prototype._createSetter = function(fieldName) { return function(value) { this[fieldName] = value; } }
One of the problems developers face with Ajax is how to preload multiple files without sending too many requests to the external websites and having them step all over each other. One solution is to use queuing, and that is what our Ajax ContentLoader does. Making the repeated requests The ContentLoader allows the queuing mechanism to fire the requests in an orderly fashion. In listing 13.7, we take our array (which was populated when the
public void ClockIn(object item) { INamedPerson namedPerson = item as INamedPerson; if(namedPerson != null) { ClockIn(namedPerson); } else { Console.WriteLine("We can't check in a '{0}'", item.GetType()); } }
You start a new page and remove the page events from the writer by setting the page events to null. You don t want any of the page events to be active, and figure 5.5 shows that GenericTags wasn t the only event used in this example you also used a Paragraph event to draw extra lines. You don t want these lines to appear when you create an overview of the years for which you have a film in the database, along with the number of times each year occurs. This overview is shown in figure 5.6. Listing 5.9 was far from complete the lines in figure 5.5 were added using another type of page event. The following line actually came right after GenericTags was set:
This isn t real code, and it won t compile without Main( ). In 7, you ll see how to create a class definition.
rather than GET var account = CloudStorageAccount.FromConfigurationSetting("DataConnectionString");
M aturity m odel for CI
because you can apply them to web pages that might be viewed on other platforms, not just those for sole use by iPhone users. Throughout part 2, we ll depend on the three basic tools of web development: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Each is crucial to the libraries and tools that we ll be discussing over the next seven chapters, and we presume you already have a solid basis in them. We re only going to touch on deeper programming languages a few times, and in those instances we ll use PHP for our examples, but you should be able to adapt the techniques we describe to whatever language you use for more dynamic web programming.
20: ADO.NET and Relational Databases |
public class ProgressSkin extends Skin { public var boxCount:Integer = 10; public var boxWidth:Number = 7; public var boxHeight:Number = 20; public var boxStrokeWidth:Number = 1; public var boxCornerArc:Number = 3; public var boxHGap:Number = 1; public var boxUnsetStroke:Paint = Color.DARKBLUE;
Thus far, we ve shown you the SVN server. To work with it, you can use command-line utilities supplied with SVN, but it s much easier to work with the repository with an SVN client. A client allows you to send files to and receive them from the repository, by supporting one or many of the Subversion protocols (http://, https://, svn://, svn+ssh://, file:///, and svn+XXX://). Many clients are available with various interfaces, from a command-line interface to standalone programs to tools that integrate with Windows Explorer or Visual Studio. The command-line tools are great for automation. You ll use them a lot in your CI process. They let you script things so the process can perform unmanaged, but they aren t so good for day-to-day work. And there is a learning curve for all the commands, switches, and parameters. If you feel geeky enough to use the command-line interface feel free to do so. If not, think about using something with an easier user interface. You can use a standalone SVN client such as SmartSVN. You may also choose a plug-in for Visual Studio. The creators of VisualSVN Server have one called VisualSVN, but it isn t free. There s also a free plug-in for Visual Studio called AnkhSVN. But in this case we ll go with TortoiseSVN, which is one of the most popular SVN clients for Windows. It integrates with Windows Explorer and is easy to use.
Accessing the StorageClient library
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