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private void BuildRowData( IEnumerable modelList, object modelItem, StringBuilder sb) { foreach (PropertyInfo info in modelList.GetType().GetElementType().GetProperties()) { object value = info.GetValue(modelItem, new object[0]); sb.AppendFormat("{0},", value); } } }
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The columnDefinition attribute includes the complete properties for the column DDL, with datatype and all constraints. Keep in mind that an actual nonportable SQL datatype may bind your annotation mapping to a particular database management system. We ll come back to the topic of constraints and DDL customization in chapter 8, section 8.3, Improving schema DDL. Next, you ll map user-defined value-typed classes. You can easily spot them in your UML class diagrams if you search for a composition relationship between two classes. One of them is a dependent class, a component.
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Creating a one-to-many relationship for entity beans
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Figure 11.5 A typical SAN configuration. Rather than copy the Lucene indexes out to multiple servers, the customer wanted to keep them on the SAN and have the clients access them there.
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This is the simplest argument passing. Any string can be passed in; the task will forward the final string to the invoked class. Remember to escape XML s special symbols, such as > with > and other special characters with their numeric equivalents, such as for the newline character. The other argument option we used specified the name of the index directory:
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<exec command="ps -ef | grep java > processes.txt" failonerror="false"/>
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In the next chapter we focus on more advanced query techniques, such as programmatic generation of complex queries with the Criteria API and embedding of native SQL queries. We ll also talk about the query cache and when you should enable it.
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As with the rest of the main.m file, you should never have to change this. But we nevertheless briefly touch on what the latter two arguments mean although they ll usually be set to their defaults, thanks to the nil arguments.
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public Query createNamedQuery(String name);
Figure 16.4 A screenshot of the simple queue browser we ll build in this chapter. It s important to note that your authors, while charming, aren t graphic designers or UX specialists. This tool will act as a vehicle for understanding the basics of working with queues.
Click OK to accept the default settings. The Pending Changes dialog box opens (see figure 2.38). Because you want all the files to be saved, click Check In. If you re prompted to check in all items, select Yes. Repeat these steps for the WebCalculator and WindowsCalculator solutions.
Figure 12.13 The deploying stage of ECIMM maps out levels to help you make your deployment easier and more complete.
Another format string that applies to all numeric types, the fixed-point format provides the ability to display a number with a specific number of digits after the decimal point. As usual, it rounds the result, rather than truncating. Example 10-15 asks for four digits after the decimal point.
Section 8.1.2
The table in figure 5.3 mimics the cell spacing you get from using the HTML cellspacing attribute for the <table> tag. There s more than one way to achieve this look. You need a table event to draw the outer border of the complete table, but you can choose what type of event to use to draw the cell borders.
Protected Sub GridView1_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As Object,_ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles GridView1.SelectedIndexChanged If GridView1.SelectedRow.RowType = DataControlRowType.DataRow Then Dim cellName As TableCell = GridView1.SelectedRow.Cells(2) ' Name column Dim cellColor As TableCell = GridView1.SelectedRow.Cells(4) ' Color column txtName.Text = cellName.Text txtColor.Text = cellColor.Text End If End Sub
Figure 4.10 Age must be between 18 and 65 inclusive. Incorrect content shows a red circle and disables Send (left and right); correct content shows a light-green circle and enables Send (middle).
In the last chapter, you built a labeledwebview class that included both a label and a web view. As is typically the case with programmatic design, you had to crunch numbers to make sure all your objects fit correctly on the screen. What if you didn t have to do that What if you could lay out objects using a graphical design program and then immediately start using them in Xcode With the SDK, you can, thanks to Interface Builder. As we write this, Apple doesn t offer any extensive iPhone or iPad Interface Builder documentation. The Interface Builder User Guide contains some good information, but it s more desktop-centric than we d like. If you need more information than we provide here, you may still want to read that document, because it does have some iPhone specifics. We consider Interface Builder to be an alternative to Xcode (in appropriate situations), so our exploration of it will mirror the structure of the last chapter s look at Xcode. We ll give an overview of the program, and then you ll put together a simple first project using it. Afterward, we ll explore a more complex but fundamental
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