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IBuilder Director Builder Decorator Product
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| 3: C# Language Fundamentals
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Perform ing integration, system , and acceptance testing
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Listing 19.16 A command-executing action result
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In this chapter, we ll cover setting up three essential open-source tools: Hibernate; MySQL, the most popular open-source database; and Ant, the premier Java build tool. Ant isn t strictly necessary for our example project, but it can make life easier; not using it would be like coding with one hand tied behind your back.
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Datagram datagram = connection.newDatagram(100);
<ejb-jar> <enterprise-beans> <!-- =========[ PortfolioHolding Bean ]======== -->
SensorEvent s fields
When you write an indexer in C#, its getter and setter turn into methods called get_Item and set_Item.
is responsible for managing data and changes to that data. The reason we use a database instead of simply a flat file is that a database can offer a lot of benefits, primarily in the areas of integrity, performance, and security. Integrity Integrity is probably the most important benefit, as without it not much else matters. If our data isn t consistent, reliable, and correct, then it is less valuable to us or possibly even useless. Databases achieve integrity by using strong data types, enforcing constraints, and working within transactions. Databases are strongly typed, which means that when a database table is created, its columns are configured to store a specific type of data. The database management system ensures that the data stored in the tables are valid for the column types. For example, a table might define a column as VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL. This type ensures that the value is character data that is not of a length greater than 25. The NOT NULL part of the definition means that the data is required and so a value must be provided for this column. In addition to strong typing, other constraints can be applied to tables. Such constraints are usually broader in scope in that they deal with more than just a single column. A constraint usually involves validation of multiple rows or possibly even multiple tables. One type of constraint is a UNIQUE constraint, which ensured that for a given column in a table a particular value can be used only once. Another kind of constraint is a FOREIGN KEY constraint, which ensures that the value in one column of a table is the same value as a similar column in another table. Foreign key constraints are used to describe relationships among tables, and so they are imperative to relational database design and data integrity. One of the most important ways a database maintains integrity is through the use of transactions. Most business functions will require many different types of data, possibly from many different databases. Generally this data is related in some way and therefore must be updated consistently. Using transactions, a database management system can ensure that all related data is updated in a consistent fashion. Furthermore, transactions allow multiple users of the system to update data concurrently without colliding. There is a lot more to know about transactions, so we ll discuss them in more detail in chapter 8. Performance Relational databases help us achieve a greater level of performance that is not easily made possible using flat files. That said, database performance is not free and it can take a great deal of time and expertise to get it right. Database performance can be broken into three key factors: design, software tuning, and hardware.
LibXMLHttpRequest is a thin wrapper around XMLHttpRequest.
Now the reference to the session bean can invoke any number of methods. The container ensures that there is a bean instance reserved for a user session and that the bean instance is not shared between multiple user sessions. Be sure to remove the EJB object from the HttpSession when you are invoking a method that is annotated with @Remove. Here s the code that removes the bean instance from the session:
There s nothing in C# that stops you from creating a mutable value type. It is just a bad idea (in general). If your type is mutable, it is probably safer to make it a reference type, by declaring it as a class. Mutable value types cause problems because of the copy semantics if you modify a value, it s all too easy to end up modifying the wrong one, because there may be many copies.
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