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The bean class defined for the TravelAgent endpoint must implement the methods defined by the endpoint interface. As with remote and local interfaces, a stateless bean class can implement the service endpoint interface directly. Here s the new definition for the TravelAgentBean class:
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The putThread() method requires that the caller thread be the same thread it is attempting to pool. This requirement is enforced using an assert statement1 (provided you have enabled the assertions, of course). It adds the thread to the list of waiting threads, where it will wait until notified by the wakeupThread() method, which is typically called after someone obtains it from the pool using getThread(). The getThread() method provides a thread to the caller by returning an available thread from the pool. The thread still continues to be in a waiting state until it is woken up. The client will change the thread s state to that needed by the task it is about to perform much like initializing a newly created thread before waking it up. The wakeupThread() method wakes up the thread. Once woken up, the thread starts performing its given task.
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const int rows = 4; const int columns = 3; for ( int i = 0; i < rows; i++ ) { for ( int j = 0; j < columns; j++ ) { rectangularArray[i, j] = i + j; } }
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At the time of this writing, the controls are available as a download that you must apply. Future plans are to deploy the new validator controls through the Windows Update mechanism. If you ve already installed this update, you can skip this section.
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) @Column(name = "FILENAME") private List<String> images = new ArrayList<String>();
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Figure 13.1 In pessimistic locking, when a user wants to update the data the underlying records are locked and no other user can perform any operation on the data. It is typically implemented using SELECT ... FOR UPDATE semantics.
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Processing document 1 The processing will not succeed
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context, radian rotation context, x-scale, y-scale context, x-change, y-change
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Debugging routes
Mapping type binary text serializable clob blob
Figure 13.4 XML Comments added to custom JavaScript objects are used by the IntelliSense tool in Visual Studio Orcas.
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