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EnumeratedAttribute is an abstract class with getValues being an abstract method that you must implement. The standard practice is to use a nested class unless there are other tasks that need to share the same enumerated values, in which case you can create a stand-alone class to be reused by other classes. Use getValue to retrieve the String value set by the build file, which Ant guarantees to be one of the allowed values. You can also retrieve the int index of the specified value using getIndex.
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String outputType = getOutputType(request); String forwardURL = getForwardURL(request, outputType); context.getRequestDispatcher(forwardURL).forward(request, response);
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C Create the RegexQuery
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Generally, the build process (if it s working) can be in one of three distinct states:
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In this sample, the GoTo statement jumps back to the PromptUser label when the code detects invalid data. Processing continues with the line immediately following the PromptUser label. You can t use the same label name twice in the same procedure, although you can reuse label names in different procedures. If you want, include another logic statement on the same line as your label, right after the colon, although your code will be somewhat easier to read if you keep labels on their own lines.
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background process 316 background, running apps in 363 badge property 118 badge, on tab bar item 117 badgeValue 117 becomeFirstResponder 89, 98 beginAnimations:context: 268 beginIgnoringInteractionEvents 98 UIApplication method 97 beginSeekingBackward 229 beginSeekingForward 229 bitmap drawing on 259 260 drawing to 247 using to edit images 260 bitmask, enumerating control events in 100 Bluetooth looking for peers over 298 specifications 9 Bonjour 296 Bonjour, accessing 272 both 17 bounds property, of UIView 43 browser specifications 6 8 BSD socket 272 bubble 11
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You might notice that List<T> offers a Contains method, and so with a little extra code, you could implement a uniqueness check using List<T>. However, HashSet<T> uses the same hash-code-based fast lookup as a dictionary, so HashSet<T> will be faster for large sets than List<T>.
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Figure 22-9. The gentle way to enforce a product license
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package jfxia.chapter8; import import import import import import import import import import import import import import import import import import javafx.animation.Interpolator; javafx.animation.transition.FadeTransition; javafx.animation.transition.ParallelTransition; javafx.animation.transition.ScaleTransition; javafx.animation.transition.RotateTransition; javafx.animation.transition.TranslateTransition; javafx.geometry.Bounds; javafx.scene.*; javafx.scene.control.Button; javafx.scene.control.ProgressBar; javafx.scene.image.*; javafx.scene.input.MouseEvent; javafx.scene.paint.*; javafx.scene.layout.LayoutInfo; javafx.scene.layout.Tile; javafx.scene.shape.Rectangle; javafx.stage.Stage; javafx.util.Math;
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By using the applicationMusicPlayer method of MPMusicPlayerController, you re limiting the media playback to your application. Using this method doesn t affect the device s iPod state in any way. If you want to use the main iPod application for media playback, you use the iPodMusicPlayer method. After you ve initialized the MPMusicPlayerController, you need to tell it which items you want it to play. You do so with the setQueueWithItemCollection: method. This method takes an MPMediaItemCollection as an argument. Conveniently enough, an MPMediaItemCollection is available to you when the MPMediaPickerController selects an item. Here s an example detailing how to set up the media player to play items selected from the user s media library:
The goal here is to introduce you to the basic structure of SQL statements. Most of the statements we will encounter in the Library Project will be no more complex than the samples included here. If you re hungry for more, the Books Online component installed with SQL Server (a separate download for the Express Edition) has some pretty good usage documentation. Several good books on the ins and outs of SQL, including vendor-specific dialects, are also available.
LINQ is a swell system for querying data once you have established the connection between the query statements and the data. For some of the LINQ flavors, especially LINQ to Objects, there s not much to connect, so the querying is a snap. For other LINQ varieties, especially of the database sort, you must create go-between classes that join your requests to the data. LINQ is a generic technology that can interact with any data once you provide the glue. And that glue can sometimes get very sticky. As an example, consider LINQ to SQL. This LINQ implementation needs a class that represents the tables and records that you will query through LINQ. These classes aren t hard to create, and they look a lot like the original database tables. However, if you modify the structure of your table, you will need to modify the gobetween class to take advantage of the table changes. It s a task that you would have needed to do anyway, even without LINQ, but it s something to keep in mind when considering the way that some programmers go gaga over LINQ. The go-between nature of LINQ also means that some data processing may be slower when compared to accomplishing the same task without LINQ. Extra layers of data and code mean extra things for your computer to do. But that s already life in the world of the .NET Framework, so I wouldn t avoid LINQ because of it.
CI means increased maintenance.
Gets list of AccountManufacturer beans
Designing layered applications
@ManyToOne(cascade = { CascadeType.PERSIST, CascadeType.MERGE }) @org.hibernate.annotations.Cascade( org.hibernate.annotations.CascadeType.SAVE_UPDATE ) @JoinColumn(name = "PARENT_CATEGORY_ID", nullable = true) private Category parent; ... @OneToOne @org.hibernate.annotations.Cascade({ org.hibernate.annotations.CascadeType.SAVE_UPDATE, org.hibernate.annotations.CascadeType.LOCK }) @PrimaryKeyJoinColumn private Address shippingAddress; ... @OneToMany(cascade = CascadeType.ALL) @org.hibernate.annotations.Cascade( org.hibernate.annotations.CascadeType.DELETE_ORPHAN ) private Set<Bid> bids = new HashSet<Bid>();
The output looks like this:
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