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The JAXM API consists of two packages, as summarized in table 2.9. Your components access JAXM services via a ConnectionFactory and Connection interface, in the same way you would obtain a handle to a message queue in the Java Messaging Service (JMS) architecture. After obtaining a Connection, you can use it create a structured SOAP message and send it to a remote host via HTTP(S). JAXM also provides a base Java servlet for you to extend when you need to handle inbound SOAP messages.
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Address Book
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INSERT INTO LineItems (OrderID, CustomerID, ProductID, Quantity) VALUES (10002, 'BW3', 'BEV01COF', 1)
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Load object from List<String> results = new ArrayList<String>(); the persistence while ( items.hasNext() ) { context Item item = items.next(); StringBuilder itemInString = new StringBuilder( "Item " ) .append( "(" ).append( item.getEan() ).append( ")" ) .append( " " ).append( item.getTitle() ); results.add( itemInString.toString() ); } return results;
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public class HibernateUtil { private static Context jndiContext; static { try { // Build it and bind it to JNDI new Configuration().buildSessionFactory(); // Get a handle to the registry (reads jndi.properties) jndiContext = new InitialContext(); } catch (Throwable ex) { throw new ExceptionInInitializerError(ex); } } public static SessionFactory getSessionFactory(String sfName) { SessionFactory sf; try { sf = (SessionFactory) jndiContext.lookup(sfName); } catch (NamingException ex) { throw new RuntimeException(ex); } return sf; } }
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Annotate() is used in two ways in this code. The first call uses the default font and
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Authentication is a process that verifies that you are who you say you are. Authorization, on the other hand, is a process that establishes whether an authenticated user has sufficient permissions to access certain resources. Both components are so closely related that it is difficult to talk about one without the other authorization cannot be accomplished without first performing authentication, and authentication alone is rarely sufficient to determine access to resources. Since authentication and authorization are so important and continue to become even more so given our highly connected world we must learn to deal with the various ways of implementing such control. Modern APIs like JAAS (which is now a standard part of J2SE 1.4) abstract the underlying mechanisms and allow you to separate the access control configuration from the code. The applicationlevel developer doesn t have to be aware of the underlying mechanism and won t need to make any invasive changes when it changes. In parallel to these APIs, efforts such as the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) and the Extensible Access Control Markup Language (XACML) aim to standardize the configuration specification language. The overall goal of these APIs and standardization efforts is to reduce complexity and provide agile implementations.
Smooth and polish it
session.save(entity); tx.commit(); } }
string fullPath = Path.Combine(localApplicationData, directory); // And create the directory Directory.CreateDirectory(fullPath, ds); directories[i] = fullPath; Console.WriteLine(fullPath);
public Object assemble(Serializable cached, Object owner) { return cached; }
Suppose you ve written a function that uses an enumeration of elements of some base type, perhaps an IEnumerable<FirefighterBase>. ( 4 defined FirefighterBase as a base class of various types representing firefighters.) For example:
Table A.3
Configuring routes to use a custom extension Instead of mapping our routes to the .aspx extension, a custom extension could reduce the confusion of users accustomed to Web Forms URLs. We ll configure our routes to use the .mvc extension instead of .aspx, as seen in listing 6.3.
Choose Advanced > Extend Features in Adobe Acrobat. A dialog box titled Enable Usage Rights in Adobe Reader will open, explaining which features will become available in the free Adobe Reader: saving a form locally, but also commenting, signing, and so on.
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