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public class Attendee { private Event event; public void setEvent(Event event) { this.event = event; } public Event getEvent() { return this.event; } }
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transparently: you don t even notice that the two different technologies exist next to each other. However, if you look at figure 8.11, you ll see that this is an example where iText fails. Although you provided values for the year, duration, and the IMDB ID, the corresponding fields remain empty. I deliberately created the three fields in a way that isn t supported by iText. This way I can explain the mechanism of XFA form filling with iText. There are different workarounds to deal with this problem, but let s inspect the XFA form first.
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<target name="xdoclet"> <hibernatedoclet destdir="mappings/" excludedtags="@version,@author,@todo" force="true" mergedir="merge/"> <fileset dir="src"> <include name="**/org/hibernate/auction/*.java"/> </fileset> <hibernate version="2.0"/> </hibernatedoclet> </target>
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Hibernate, as an open source project, has a different relationship with its users than a traditional software company that sells software licenses to its customers. The users take responsibility for the project, but even more interesting (and sometimes entertaining) is the fact that all free support is made public. This gives us the opportunity to discuss real-world problems questions asked by actual users. As we all know, you can t avoid all problems by reading good books and documentation before you begin a project. All of us have struggled with unsolvable problems; often, asking for help in a user forum is the best option. The same is true for the Hibernate users, so we d like to show you some of the questions asked and discuss possible answers. There is often a big difference between book theory and the daily reality as a software developer. So, we ll keep things in perspective and show you that you aren t alone in a Dilbert world. Read on.
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public boolean checkLiquidity(User u) { boolean hasMoney = (Boolean) em.createQuery("select...").getSingleResult(); return hasMoney; } ... }
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The aspect in listing 11.8 captures the methods throwing InsufficientBalanceException and advises them to check whether the cause of the exception is of the InsufficientBalanceException type; if so, it simply throws the cause instead of the caught exception. Now when we compile and run the test program after including this aspect, the last transaction log looks like this:
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| 2: Visual Studio 2008 and C# Express 2008
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Notice how each method also provides access to the CacheModel instance that is controlling the cache. This allows you to access any properties from the CacheModel that you might need. The key parameter is an instance of CacheKey, a special class within iBATIS that compares sets of parameters passed to a statement. For the most part, you shouldn t have to manipulate it in any way. In the case of putObject(), the object parameter contains the instance or collection of objects to cache. The last method that CacheModel describes is the flush() method. This method simply clears the entire cache.
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In JavaFX Script 1.0 the only fractional (floating point) type was Number, which had double precision, making it equivalent to Java s Double. In JavaFX Script 1.1 six new types were introduced: Byte, Character, Double, Float, Long, and Short. This resulted in Number being downsized to 32-bit precision, effectively becoming an alternative name for the new Float type.
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This retrieval by identifier results in a single (or possibly several, if inheritance or secondary tables are mapped) SQL statement that retrieves an Item instance. In the persistence context, in memory, you now have this item object available in persistent state, as shown in figure 13.1.
The last major set of code to be added to the Library Project isn t related to licensing, but it s important nonetheless: the processing of fines for overdue items. We ll add a common method that will perform the processing, and then call it where needed throughout the application. Add the new DailyProcessByPatronCopy method to the General module.
And that s strings. Thus far we ve looked at very familiar data types, but next we ll look at a value type you won t find in any other popular programming language: the Duration.
State Pattern |
Hibernate Search has the ability to capture every change made by Hibernate Core. When an entity is created, updated, or deleted, or when a collection is changed, Hibernate Search determines which index documents need to be either created or deleted.
Web Service (continued) external 166 183 methods, invoking from JavaScript 146 150 proxy 146 setting up 336 Web Services 142 ASP.NET 142, 160 bridge 19 complex types 150 157 web user control 322, 430, 435 web.config 260 web.config file 41, 45, 120, 489 webcasts 521 WebRequestExecutor error handling 164 166 get_statusCode 166 WebRequestManager 161, 163 WebResource attribute 125, 328, 351 352 WebResource.axd 122 widget declarative 476 484 declaring as client control 484 handle 484 window object 45, 78, 108 window._event property 418 window.event property 49 Windows Communication Foundation 145 Windows Forms 309
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