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Redefining the Columns in a List
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-- Create catalog_set_thumbnail function CREATE FUNCTION catalog_set_thumbnail(INTEGER, VARCHAR(150)) RETURNS VOID LANGUAGE plpgsql AS $$ DECLARE inProductId ALIAS FOR $1; inThumbnail ALIAS FOR $2; BEGIN UPDATE product SET thumbnail = inThumbnail WHERE product_id = inProductId; END; $$; We need these functions to change the image or thumbnail name of a product when uploading a new picture. 12. Load your product details page, and ensure everything works as it should. You have a lot of functionality to test! Figure 7-13 shows the product details admin page in action.
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The name of the le to which the log should be written. The verbosity setting for the logger. These can be speci ed by full name or short name. Value that determines if the le should be appended to, if it exists, or overwritten. If false, then the le will be overwritten if it exists. Value that determines if a summary should be displayed in the log. It is up to each concrete logger to determine how this affects the behavior of the application.
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Part V
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them along the right side of the Office Outlook 2007 window. As with the navigation pane, you can minimize the To-Do Bar to get more room onscreen for your e-mail list and reading pane. Figure 10-3 introduces the various elements in the To-Do Bar.
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using using using using System.Collections; System.Data; System.Data.SqlClient; System.ComponentModel;
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Data Access
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After the batch file or Netsh script file is created, you can execute the batch file or Netsh script on a scheduled basis by using Task Scheduler.
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PART I VPN Technology
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.method privatescope static void __EntryPoint$PST06000001() cil managed { .entrypoint // Code size 8 (0x8) .maxstack 8 IL_0000: tail. IL_0002: call void [.module 'Program.netmodule']Program::Main() IL_0007: ret } // end of method 'Global Functions'::__EntryPoint
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Table 12-3 lists the most important configuration sections that have changed between ASP.NET 1.x and ASP.NET 2.0.
Implementing User Profiles, Authentication, and Authorization
Data Model Driven Approach
With this option, multibyte characters can be transformed and represented using
Configure Routing and Remote Access
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