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Figure 7-13. Assigning a product to a new category
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A. Page_Load B. Page_Render c. Page_PreRender D. Page_PreInit
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SELECT DATEDIFF(day, '19000101', SYSDATETIME()) % 7 + 1;
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Connecting Web Parts to Data
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If the data that classifies errors is inconclusive, so is much of the data that attributes errors to the various development activities. One certainty is that construction always results in a significant number of errors. Sometimes people argue that the errors caused by construction are cheaper to fix than the errors caused by requirements or design. Fixing individual construction errors might be cheaper, but the evidence doesn t support such a claim about the total cost. Here are my conclusions: On small projects, construction defects make up the vast bulk of all errors. In one study of coding errors on a small project (1000 lines of code), 75% of
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Tip Under Microsoft Windows, you can also set the SQLPATH Registry setting to define a default search path for all files that cannot be found in the current directory. For example, you could have this Registry setting point to a central directory where you maintain all your generic SQL scripts. Just open the Registry Editor with the REGEDIT command and search for SQLPATH. Under other operating systems, check out the SQLPATH environment variable.
CHAPTER 6: Introducing Qt Quick
You have probably guessed that dialog processes run synchronously, as opposed to workflow processes, which run asynchronously. Dialog sessions can only be in one of the following statuses:
The preceding also assumes that you re searching an indexed location, such as one of your personal data folders (these are indexed by default). If you need to search system files, which are not ordinarily indexed, you might want to consider adding them to the index. See Adding Folders to the Index, later in this chapter. A search in a Windows Explorer folder initially returns a maximum of 5,000 items. If your search generates more than 5,000 hits, the system will pause and display an Information bar, like the one shown in Figure 7-20. As the message indicates, you have two choices. You can refine your search or click the Information bar to see the rest of your results. Generally, if you ve already got 5,000 items, seeing a few more isn t going to help you pinpoint the one you need, but if you want to see the whole lot, Windows will continue the search.
an element in your model . This topic is discussed in detail in 4, Colors, Areas, and Outlines . The dialog box extract shown in Figure 2-15 may appear slightly different in connection with many functions . Additional options may be possible, depending on the action and on the element selected .
If you don t fancy Boolean formulations, try the natural-language approach to searching. With natural language enabled, the search engine promises to accept queries in plain English (see Figure 7-26). The system looks for key words (like e-mail ), filters out prepositions (such as from ), handles conjunctions without making you capitalize them, and assumes the rest of what you type consists of property values that it should try to match.
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