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FigURE 11-8 Renaming the classes and properties in an application model.
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ALTER TABLE Production.Products ALTER COLUMN additionalattributes XML(dbo.ProductsAdditionalAttributes);
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In both the UnityBootstrapper and MefBootstrapper classes, the Run method calls the CreateModuleCatalog method and then uses the returned value to set the class s ModuleCatalog property. If you override this method, it is not necessary to call the base class s implementation because you will replace the functionality it provides. For more information about modularity, see 4, Modular Application Development. Containers play a key role in an application created with the Prism Library. Both the Prism Library and the applications built on top of it depend on a container for injecting required dependencies and services. During the container configuration phase, several core services are registered. In addition to these core services, you may have application-specific services that provide additional functionality as it relates to composition. Core Services The following table lists the core non-application specific services in the Prism Library.
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No supplier can be under two distinct contracts at the same point in time .
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In the build command shown in the Figure 5-11, the XmlLogger was attached to the build process. The parameters for that instance speci ed that the verbosity be set to Detailed and that the log le be placed at build.detailed.xml. This was indeed the behavior and can be con rmed by executing this same statement. Now that we have examined the XmlLogger, we can move on to brie y discuss debugging custom loggers.
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Induced Order
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User Strings ------------------------------------------------------70000001 : ( 2) L"Hi"
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As you can see, the slots perform the expected operation (copying the new value or incrementing the existing value) and then emit the signal using Qt s emit statement. For a signal to notify a slot, you must first connect them. In keeping with the counter example, you might want to increment the counter every time the user presses a button and show the resulting count. Listing 4 3 has pseudo code that demonstrates this.
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UAC has undoubtedly introduced an additional level of complexity in managing systems. Undoubtedly this was a long overdue change that implements absolutely necessary changes in how we run our computers. However, as administrators, we sometimes need to modify files that only administrators have access to, or need to quickly get to a folder with a command prompt. This set of tools add some new right-click functionality to Windows Explorer, shown in Figure I-1. Most notably, right-click any folder, select Elevate Explorer Here and answer the elevation prompt(s). This will launch a Windows Explorer window running with a full administrative token at whatever location you chose. You also get the elevate.exe tool, which elevates any application from a command prompt.
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Jul 3 Sunday, 10/3 Sunday, 10/3 10/12/2007 10-13-2007
Let s look at the sequential numbering in Figure 6-18 . On the left-hand side of the figure (Column C), you see several different appearances of the same number . On the right-hand side of the figure (Column E), you see the custom formats that are responsible for these display formats . The next section will describe how you can create these custom formats . 1. The format mm/dd/yy is the popular standard for calendar dates to be arranged into neatly aligned vertical columns . Each date comprises three sets of two numbers with two separating forward slashes . The mm and dd formats instruct Excel to proceed as follows: write the month and day as two-digit numbers . In the case of the year, one y would also prompt the two-digit notation . 2. The format ddd dd-mmm-yyyy writes the weekday (automatically determined by Excel) as abbreviated text followed by two spaces: the day as a two-digit number with a hyphen, the month as Aug, a hyphen, and a four-digit year . 3. The format dddd, mm/dd/yyyy writes the weekday in full followed by a comma, two spaces, and the date format that you know from Point 1 above, but with a four-digit year .
End Sub End Class
System Customizations
Figure 2-2. Code completion with type inference for an integer Finally, x is assigned to a date type. At this point, x represents a date type, and the code-completion choices include date-specific properties and methods.
Using this method along with the ToString method, you can display all of an enumerated type s symbolic and numeric values, like so:
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