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Figure 9-12. The Office PivotView Web Part lets users choose between the Datasheet, PivotTable, and PivotChart views.
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// The thread-specific functions HANDLE , , LPTHREAD_START_ROUTINE , LPVOID , DWORD , LPDWORD ) ; VOID DD_ExitThread ( DWORD dwExitCode ) ; DWORD DD_SuspendThread ( HANDLE hThread ) ; DWORD DD_ResumeThread ( HANDLE hThread ) ; BOOL DD_TerminateThread ( HANDLE hThread , DWORD dwExitCode ) ; // The following properly as uintptr_t DD_beginthreadex ( void * unsigned * ) , void * unsigned unsigned * uintptr_t DD_beginthread ( void( __cdecl *start_address )( void * ) , unsigned void * VOID DD_endthread ( void ) ; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///// // Waiting and special functions DWORD DD_WaitForSingleObject ( HANDLE hHandle DWORD dwMilliseconds DWORD DD_WaitForSingleObjectEx ( HANDLE hHandle DWORD 566 , ) ; , stack_size arglist , ) ; arglist initflag thrdaddr , , ) ; security stack_size , , are the CRT thread function and are handled lpThreadId dwCreationFlags lpParameter lpStartAddress DD_CreateThread (LPSECURITY_ATTRIBUTES DWORD lpThreadAttributes dwStackSize
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using System; using System.Reflection; using System.IO; // Here are some different delegate definitions. delegate Object TwoInt32s(Int32 n1, Int32 n2); delegate Object OneString(String s1);
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More Info For more details on the PIVOT operator, refer to 8.
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You can use the following questions to test your knowledge of the information in Lesson 2, Using Themes. The questions are also available on the companion CD in a practice test, if you prefer to review them in electronic form.
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You can use the default project structure for most websites without having any problems. However, there are some sites that are very large; keeping all the models, views, and controllers in this single folder set can be difficult to manage. For such cases, you can define different MVC project areas in your application. An area in ASP.NET MVC is a subset of the project structure based on a logical grouping. Each area contains area-specific models, views, and controllers. The root of the site contains the sitewide models, views, and controllers. This type of partitioning can make it easier to manage your application files. You create an area in ASP.NET MVC by right-clicking the project and choosing Add | Area. You give each area a name and Visual Studio generates a separate set of folders for storing the MVC files in your area. Figure 14-4 shows an ASP.NET MVC site with two additional areas: DataAdministration and SecurityManagement.
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Exam Tip When assigning IP addresses, ICS does not check for conflicts with static addresses already owned by computers on the network. For this reason, you should not deploy ICS on a network whose essential servers are pre-configured with static addresses near the beginning of the range. Note also that if essential servers are preconfigured with static addresses in a different logical address space (such as 24), deploying ICS might render those essential servers inaccessible. Consequently, if in a scenario on the exam, any essential network services stop functioning after ICS is installed, look for an option to replace ICS with NAT.
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With the ASP .NET 1 .x style of code behind, ASP .NET sees the Src attribute in the directives and compiles that file . ASP .NET reads the Inherits attribute to figure out how to base the class that runs the page . In the previous example, ASP .NET uses the HelloWorld4Code class to drive the page . By using the Src attribute, you tell the ASP .NET runtime to compile the file named by the Src attribute value . The ASP .NET runtime will compile it into the temporary directory . Alternatively, you can also precompile the file into an assembly containing the HelloWorld4Code class . For this to work, the precompiled assembly must appear in the bin directory of your virtual directory . If you precompile the page class and put the assembly in the bin directory, you don t even need to mention the source code file . In the absence of an Src attribute, the ASP .NET runtime will search the assemblies in the bin directory looking for the class specified in the Inherits attribute .
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Windows Server 2008 hierarchical audit policy organization.
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Language C# Java Visual Basic
The main tools used to support automatic testing provide test scaffolding, generate input, capture output, and compare actual output with expected output. The variety of tools discussed in the preceding section will perform some or all of these functions.
You must be logged on as a member of the Administrators group to complete this pro cedure. If your computer is connected to a network, network policy settings might also prevent you from completing this procedure.
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