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The header of the page is returned through the new Header property of the Page class. The property returns null if the <head> tag is missing or if it is present but lacks the runat attribute.
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<Order orderid="10952"> <orderdate>2008-03-16T00:00:00</orderdate> </Order> </Customer> <Customer custid="2"> <!-- Comment 222 --> <companyname>Customer MLTDN</companyname> <Order orderid="10308"> <orderdate>2006-09-18T00:00:00</orderdate> </Order> <Order orderid="10952"> <orderdate>2008-03-04T00:00:00</orderdate> </Order> </Customer> </CustomersOrders>';
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Part II Designing Types
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When the page runs, ASP.NET 2.0 dynamically creates and instantiates a class representing the page. The CompileWith attribute identifies the code file for this page. The ClassName attribute defines the name for the class that will be created. By default, Visual Studio 2005 uses the page name as the basis for the class name. By default, the code in the code-beside file is rooted in the ASP namespace and contains only a class definition. The class definition is incomplete (partial) and contains only a portion of the complete class that will make up the run-time page. Specifically, the partial class defined in the code file contains the event handlers and other custom code that you write. The ASP.NET 2.0 runtime parses the .aspx layout file and combines this information with the contents of the partial code-beside class. The resulting class inherits from Page and is compiled and used to serve the request. The following code shows the sample code for the code-beside version of the aforementioned Hello, World example.
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An enum (short for enumeration) is a data type that declares a set of named integer constants. Enums are data structures that have no direct equivalent in Java; the closest Java alternative is a set of individually defined constant values. However, enums offer advantages over the use of constants:
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In 8, we saw the ExecuteXmlReader method exposed by the SqlCommand class in the SQL Server managed provider. The ExecuteXmlReader method executes a command against the database and returns an XML reader if the output of the command can be expressed as a well-formed XML document or fragment. Let's see what's needed to transform that output into an instance of a class. The following code is at the heart of the example. You call into a method, the method executes an SQL XML 411 code 128 barcode generator
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L2TP/IPSec connections provide stronger authentication by requiring both
Figure 10-1: Calling UI functions without the UI. Many Windows-based applications enable access to the features in the application through an object model. By using object models, combined with user interface code that separates program logic from the user interface logic, testers can automate tests to manipulate any portion of the UI without directly interacting with any of the UI controls. This code uses the Word object model to perform the same automation as the previous example.
Network Details
StringBuilder Members
SQL> 42 order SQL> 1 2 3 4* SQL> L select from where order
<microsoft.identityModel> <service> <audienceUris> <add value= "https://{adatum hostname}/ a-expense.claimsAware/" /> </audienceUris> ...
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Open Home.aspx in Design view. Double-click the drop-down list control to generate the default event handler. In the event handler, define the session variable, Template, by using the selected value. Then call Server.Transfer to reload the current page so that the updated master template can be used immediately. The following code demonstrates how to do this.
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