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FIGURE 8-27 Key Point slide with graphics already added, along with original sketches of the related
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You create packet filters in the Routing And Remote Access console through the IP Routing node. Within the IP Routing node, select either the General node or the NAT/ Basic Firewall node. Packet filters are then configured through the properties dialog box of the appropriate interface, listed in the details pane. Note that the NAT/Basic Firewall node allows you to create packet filters only for external interfaces, whereas the General node allows you to create packet filters for any interface. To add a packet filter, complete the following steps: 1. Open the Routing And Remote Access console. 2. In the console tree, expand IP Routing, and click the General node. 3. In the details pane, right-click the interface on which you want to add a filter, and then click Properties. The interface properties dialog box opens, shown in Figure 9-38.
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If your aim is to collect data inde nitely, don t select Overall Duration.
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Verify that the WAN Miniport (PPTP) and WAN Miniport (L2TP) devices are
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4 You can learn more about the Ruby interpreter s command line options by typing man ruby (on Unix-related platforms) or by visiting a web-based version of the Ruby man page at http://www.linuxcommand.org/man_pages/ruby1.html.
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When creating a Task, you always call a constructor, passing it an Action or an Action<Object> delegate that indicates the operation that you want performed . If you pass a method that expects an Object, then you must also pass to Task s constructor the argument that you ultimately want passed to the operation . You can also optionally pass to Task s constructor a CancellationToken, which allows the Task to be canceled before it has been scheduled (see the Cancelling a Task section later in this chapter) . You can also optionally pass to the constructor some TaskCreationOptions flags that control how the Task executes . TaskCreationOptions is an enumerated type defining a set of flags that you can bitwise-OR together . It is defined as follows:
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This XAML isn t named, and you want to call it titleText, so there s a little more you need to add. As you might remember, naming an element in XAML uses the x:Name syntax, which uses a namespace. So, not only do you have to add the tag, you also need to add the namespace declaration, like this:
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You can t create a shortcut in the Startup folder
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An offline root CA Offline intermediate CAs Online issuing Cas
int rowIndex; int columnIdx; Color previousColor; Color currentColor; Color nextColor; Point previousTop; Point previousBottom; Point currentTop; Point currentBottom; Point nextTop; Point nextBottom; Font previousTypeface; Font currentTypeface; Font nextTypeface; Color choices[ NUM_COLORS ];
7 . . Update the Page_Load method in the Default .aspx page to load the data from the application s dictionary . The application state is available through the page s reference to the Application object . Accessing data in the dictionary is a matter of indexing it correctly . After loading the data from the dictionary, apply it to the DataSource property in the GridView and bind the DataGrid:
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USE tempdb; IF OBJECT_ID('dbo.OrderDetails') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE dbo.OrderDetails; CREATE TABLE dbo.OrderDetails ( orderid VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL, productid INT NOT NULL, PRIMARY KEY(orderid, productid) /* other colums */ ); GO INSERT INTO dbo.OrderDetails(orderid, productid) VALUES ('A', 1), ('A', 2), ('A', 3), ('A', 4), ('B', 2), ('B', 3), ('B', 4), ('C', 3), ('C', 4), ('D', 4);
The Logging tab allows you to configure Routing And Remote Access logging options. By default, the Routing And Remote Access service is configured to log only errors and warnings. Figure 9-9 shows the other logging options. Note that this tab includes an option to log additional information for debugging.
Using the gridview and Detailsview Controls
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