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2 User-Defined Functions
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The Root Directory will contain data collected by the Data Collector Set. If you want to store your Data Collector Set data in a location other than the default, click Browse to navigate to the location or type in the directory name.
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For more complete and formal de nitions of graphs, trees, and related terms, please refer to
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Troubleshooting Server Services 12-37
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An auxiliary table of numbers is a very powerful tool that I often use in my solutions. So I decided to dedicate a section in this chapter to it. In this section, I'll simply describe the concept and the methods used to generate such a table. I'll refer to this auxiliary table throughout the book and demonstrate many of its applications. An auxiliary table of numbers (call it Nums) is simply a table that contains the integers between 1 and N for some (typically large) value of N. I recommend that you create a permanent Nums table and populate it with as many values as you might need for your solutions. The code in Listing 4-8 demonstrates how to create such a table containing 1,000,000 rows. Of course, you might want a different number of rows, depending on your needs.
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When you install Windows SBS 2008, you ll immediately notice that the interface is more polished and accessible. Part of that is the new SBS Console (Figure 1-1), a central organizational point from which you can perform many administrative tasks associated with Windows SBS.
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The standard Windows PE file header, which is similar to the Common Object File Format (COFF) header . If the header uses the PE32 format, the file can run on a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows . If the header uses the PE32+ format, the file requires a 64-bit version of Windows to run . This header also indicates the type of file: GUI, CUI, or DLL, and contains a timestamp indicating when the file was built . For modules that contain only IL code, the bulk of the information in the PE32(+) header is ignored . For modules that contain native CPU code, this header contains information about the native CPU code . Contains the information (interpreted by the CLR and utilities) that makes this a managed module . The header includes the version of the CLR required, some flags, the MethodDef metadata token of the managed module s entry point method (Main method), and the location/size of the module s metadata, resources, strong name, some flags, and other less interesting stuff . Every managed module contains metadata tables . There are two main types of tables: tables that describe the types and members defined in your source code and tables that describe the types and members referenced by your source code . Code the compiler produced as it compiled the source code . At runtime, the CLR compiles the IL into native CPU instructions .
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5 rows created. rollback; Rollback complete. The examples work as follows: The first example inserts a new department 90 without specifying column names. It also shows how you can insert a null value with the reserved word NULL. The second example shows how you can use DEFAULT to assign the default department number to a new employee. ( 7 explains how to assign such default values.) The default value for the DEPTNO column of the EMPLOYEES table is 10, as you can see in Listing 6-1. The third example shows a violation of a primary key constraint; department 10 already exists. The fourth example shows how you can use a subquery to insert rows with the INSERT command. It uses the LEAST function (introduced in 5) to avoid
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SQL*Plus User-Defined Variables
Scop in Section 10.4, Scope.
Reflection Reflection variations can be used for all kinds of impressive decorations (naturally, used extremely sparingly) . Incidentally, these effects often look better with text or rectangular pictures than with uneven or round shapes .
Two Kinds of Assemblies, Two Kinds of Deployment
19 HTTP Handlers
The PRODUCT function =PRODUCT(384,50) gives you a result of 19200. MOD is a function that s used commonly in warehousing and interestingly enough, in vending machines. With MOD, you can know how many are left over how many boxes are left over after filling pallets; how many nickels, dimes, and quarters are left over after paying for a candy bar with a dollar bill. The syntax for the MOD function is =MOD(n,d), where n is the number and d is the divisor. Let s say you have 384 boxes to ship, and each pallet holds 50 boxes. How many boxes will be left over after you fill as many pallets as you can If you simply divide 384 by 50, you know you ll fill 7.68 pallets. But how many boxes does .68 represent The MOD function, =MOD(384,50), gives you a result of 34. That tells you that the eighth pallet will contain only 34 boxes. You can then decide if you want to ship a partial pallet, ship the remaining boxes another way, increase the shipment by 16 boxes (50-34), or reduce the shipment by 34 boxes.
Click Con gure Fax when you ve made your selections.
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Configure Managed Properties
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