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The interface you'll implement to write a profiler is ICorProfilerCallback. Although writing profilers in managed code would be wonderful, because of the architecture supported by the Profiling API, you can't. Your profiler runs in the address space of the managed application you're profiling. If you could use managed code, you'd end up in all sorts of extremely dangerous situations. For example, if you were notified of a garbage collection operation taking place and you needed to allocate managed memory to store the items being collected, you'd end up triggering recursive garbage collection. Needless to say, Microsoft's architects chose the smarter route, which allows for minimal impact. To support managed profilers, all the notifications would have to occur cross-process, which would really slow down the profilee. Since profilers are just COM DLLs, anyone who's been doing Windows development since 2000 should be familiar with the concepts. I encapsulated all the drudge work into a library that allows you to concentrate on the important stuff instead of messing around with the COM goo. I'll discuss ProfilerLib more in the next section. One key COM point I do want to make is that your profile COM code will be called in a completely free-threaded model, so you'll need to do all the work to protect your data structures from multithreaded corruption. 406
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2.4 Introduction to SQL Developer ...................................................................................58
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Join Algorithms
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FIGURE 6-5 Applying the Detail Sketches custom layout to all the slides in Slide Sorter view using the
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Figure 7-36 Enhanced user information with dynamic formulas
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As you can see, an OutOfMemoryException is possible when constructing the <>c__DisplayClass1 class (a compiler-generated type), the Object[] array, the Func delegate, and boxing the char and Decimal . Memory is also allocated internally when Concat, Where, and ToArray are called . Constructing the Decimal instance could cause its type constructor to be invoked resulting in a TypeInitializationException .5 And then, there are the implicit calls to Decimal s op_Implicit operator and its op_Addition operator methods, which could do anything including throwing an OverflowException .
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Updating a Form Display Based on a Field Value
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You need to change the code of products_list.tpl so that each displayed product includes an Add to Cart button with a link like the ones shown earlier (a link to index.php with an additional CartAction parameter in the query string).
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A test case is a list of specific actions that verifies functionality or that an error is handled correctly or some other quality attribute (performance, reliability, and so forth). A simple test case for playing an audio file might be Open tada.wav, click Play, and verify that it plays correctly. This is one test case, but it might need to run on 32-bit and 64-bit systems. It might also be a requirement to run the test on assorted families of audio chipsets. Depending on the implementation, the test case might also run on various localized versions of the system. At this point, many testers might be confused as to whether to count all of these variations as one test case or as multiple test cases. Testers inside and outside of Microsoft often struggle with this situation. At Microsoft, some terminology that is gaining use is the concept of a test point. A test case is the single instance of a set of steps to carry out a testing activity, whereas the test point is an instantiation of that test case in a particular environment. Test point results can be compared meaningfully to one another across the testing matrix or over historic test passes, while the test case might not have changed at all. For example, when I was on the Windows CE team, we ran many of our tests on different hardware platforms and on different configurations of the operating system. We had a few hundred thousand test cases, but more than a million test points. By differentiating the tests in this way, we were able to determine quickly whether a test case was failing in all environments or only on a particular configuration or platform. Here is a list of testing terms that are handy to know: Test case A plan for exercising a test. Test point A combination of a test case and an execution environment. Test suite A collection of related test cases or test points. Often, a test suite is a unit of tested functionality, limited to a component or feature. Test run A collection of test suites invoked as a unit. Often, a test run is a collection of all the tests invoked on a single hardware or software context. Test pass A collection of test runs. Often, a test pass spans several hardware and software configurations and is confined by a specific checkpoint or release plans. Test Case Management Solutions at Microsoft My first test case manager at Microsoft was Microsoft Office Excel. In fact, on my first day as an employee, my manager handed me a fresh printout of my test cases. Over time, we expanded and
11 . . Configure the control to use the AuthorLastName column for the text field and the Title column for the value field . Click OK .
Service accounts are a common problem in Windows. It is a well-known fact that any administrator on any computer has access to the clear-text password of all services and of
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