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IsFile IsLoopback IsUNC UserInfo N/A
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Windows NT 4.0 domains, mixed-mode Active Directory domains, and native-mode Active Directory domains contain the user accounts and groups used by the Routing And Remote Access service and IAS to authenticate and authorize VPN connection attempts. User accounts contain the user name and a form of the user s password that can be used for validation of the calling router s user credentials. Additional account properties determine whether the user account is enabled or disabled, locked out, or permitted to log on only during specific hours. If a user account is disabled, locked out, or not permitted to log on during the time of the VPN connection, the site-tosite VPN connection attempt is rejected. Additionally, if the user account of the calling router is configured to change the password at the next logon, the site-to-site VPN connection attempt will fail because changing the password while attempting to make the connection is an interactive process. Demand-dial routers need to be able to make connections as needed without requiring human intervention. Therefore, all user accounts for calling routers must be configured with the User Must Change Password At Next Logon check box cleared and the Password Never Expires check box selected for the account options on the Account tab on the properties of the user account. When you create dial-in accounts with the DemandDial Interface Wizard, these account settings are automatically configured.
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Understand the concepts of programming with LINQ. Use LINQ to query data sources by filtering, grouping, joining, and ordering data. Transform data you access with LINQ into other formats, including XML and JSON.
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Figure 29-5 In top-down integration, you add classes at the top first, at the bottom last. qr code reader free
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Security Essentials
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Using Instant Messaging
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After this lesson, you will be able to
Troubleshooting Lab, Find Out What the Problem Is
Understanding IP Addressing
The data contained in the Data 1 worksheet is divided into two blocks (see Figure 10-11):
In the Limits section, you can select When A Limit Is Reached, Restart The Data Collector Set to break the data collection into separate, more manageable logs. Select Duration to con gure a time period for data collection to write to a single log le. Select Maximum Size to restart the Data Collector Set or to stop collecting data when the log le reaches the limit.
You can add controls to a form at run time by handling the Page.PreInit event (if you are not using master pages) or the Page.Init event (if you are using master pages and you are adding the control to a content page). If you add controls in Init or Load, you will need to manually call the Control.ApplyStyleSheetSkin method. To add controls to a form, follow these high-level steps:
B. The Remote Procedure Call (RPC) service is stopped.
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