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Network A Router
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Storing Session State in a State Server
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Click the Next button and you will be asked to select Typical or Custom installation. Unless you already have a good understanding of the Apache server, stick with the typical installation. Finally, the installer asks for a directory in which to place Apache. The default directory is fine for a Joomla installation. At the time of this writing, the default directory offered by the installer is C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Apache2.2\. Take note of the directory where Apache will be installed. You ll need to access the folders within this directory for proper setup of PHP, MySQL, and later Joomla. Click the Next button to move to the final installation screen and click the Install button. Installation should occur without any problems. To get Apache working properly, however, you may have to tweak some of the configuration settings after the installation is complete. On Windows, the Apache service will be run as the system user on the LocalSystem account. The first time you run Apache on Windows XP, your Windows Firewall may show a prompt asking whether to block the application, as shown in Figure 3-8. The firewall detected Apache attempting to open a port (port 80) for communication. You must click the Unblock button to allow Apache to execute properly.
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Row Versioning Based Isolation Levels
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Page 84 In your presentation, the speaker might be introducing a new Web site or computer application. In this case, to build branding and name recognition, you might want to have the Web site or software application displayed on the computer monitor behind the presenter. You have probably already seen this done on television when a person is being interviewed in his or her office. You might notice that, in some cases, the computer monitor may appear to flicker in your recorded video. This flickering occurs because of the rate at which the computer monitor refreshes. Although this is unnoticed by the human eye, the constant refreshing is sometimes captured on video.
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After a list is in production, it can become apparent that users are confused by column names, are skipping important fields, and are entering data incorrectly in others. We know this probably isn t your users, but just in case you want to give advice to another list manager, you should know that you can change a column s name, its description, its required setting, and in some cases, even the column type. You can also delete columns that you no longer need.
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Primitive Thread Synchronization Constructs
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There are no partner-speci c details in the a-Order application. Partner details are kept in the FP.
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Accessing Apache Server Remotely
A signature feature of Internet Explorer is its capability to inspect websites and block access to or provide a warning about those that appear suspicious. These so-called phishing sites are designed by scammers to closely resemble online commerce and banking sites; the scammer s goal is to fool you into visiting the site (usually by enticing you to click a link in an e-mail message) and then fill in sensitive information such as your logon credentials, account numbers, and details about your identity. When you first run Internet Explorer, it prompts you to turn on the phishing filter. You can enable or disable the phishing filter at any time by clicking Tools and then using the options on the Phishing Filter menu. These options allow you to manually check a website against Microsoft s servers, report a suspicious website to the online service that maintains the database of suspicious and known phishing sites, or turn automatic checking on or off. To disable the Phishing Filter completely, open the Internet Options dialog box, click the Advanced tab, and find the Phishing Filter group (near the bottom of the list, in the Security section). The Phishing Filter does its detective work with the help of a whitelist, a set of rules, and a server-based blacklist that is continually updated. The initial check is heuristic, looking at the content of the page itself; if all the images are from a bank s website, but the submit button goes to an URL containing an IP address, red flags go up. When you encounter a suspicious site, you see a yellow banner warning you to look more closely and giving you the option to report the site to Microsoft; after a reported site is confirmed to be a phishing site, the server-side check blocks the page with the message shown in Figure 6-13.
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Part V
5: Creating Custom Calculations in SharePoint
You get the data and bind it to a GridView control using the following code:
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