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We will cover advanced features such as client state checking with quaran
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4 Data and Document Management
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SBS includes a customized and con gured version of Windows Software Update Services (WSUS). The SBS team has already done the heavy lifting to get WSUS con gured and working optimally for our SBS networks. When the SBS install is nished, updates are already being managed and deployed, but you can do additional customization from the Updates page of the Windows SBS Console.
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<target name="package-ddto" depends="compile" description="Package the JBoss DynaDTO Archive (DDTO)"> <target-banner target="package-ddto"/> <jar jarfile="${ddto-file}"> <fileset dir="${classes}"> <include name="**/dto/*.class"/> </fileset> <fileset dir="${dd-ddto}"> <include name="**/*.xml"/> </fileset> <!-- add the mappings --> <fileset dir="${dd-dynadto}"> <include name="**/*.dto.xml"/> </fileset> </jar> </target> <target name="package-ddto-clean"> <delete file="${ddto-file}"/> </target>
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Note The ENABLE and DISABLE options of the ALTER INDEX command (see Figure 7-12) apply only to functionbased indexes. If you set indexes to UNUSABLE, you must REBUILD (or DROP and CREATE) them before they can be used again.
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// SayHelloCGI.cpp: A simple CGI application //
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The WebClient class allows a base address to be set. The request strings passed to the upload and download methods will be appended to the base address to form fully qualified URLs. If passed a fully formed request string, the WebClient base address is not used but remains in place for future requests. The following example demonstrates the use of the BaseAddress property. First the base address is set to A subsequent DownloadData call specifying ms.htm results in a call to the URI
Our metadata specifies that the assembly can be used by any culture (the assembly is said to be culture-neutral), that this is version of the assembly, and that the key pair can be found in the myKey.snk file. Our shared assembly will contain the StringPrinter class, stored in a file named StringPrinter.cs, the contents of which are listed here:
n Consider adding c:\ruby\bin to your system path so you can launch irb and the Ruby interpreter without Tip
Figure 9-11: The schema that ReadXml infers from the specified and nonstandard XML file. I would read this information as a single table day contained in a DataSet object. My interpretation is a logical rather than an algorithmic reading of the data, however. The final schema consists of three connected tables, shown in Figure 9-12, of which the first two tables simply contain a foreign key field that normalizes the entire data structure.
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