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internal sealed class PhoneBook { private String m_pathname; // path name of file containing the address book // Other methods go here. public String GetPhoneNumber(String name) { String phone; FileStream fs = null; try { fs = new FileStream(m_pathname, FileMode.Open); // Code to read from fs until name is found goes here phone = /* the phone # found */ } catch (FileNotFoundException e) { // Throw a different exception containing the name, and // set the originating exception as the inner exception. throw new NameNotFoundException(name, e); } catch (IOException e) { // Throw a different exception containing the name, and // set the originating exception as the inner exception. throw new NameNotFoundException(name, e); } finally { if (fs != null) fs.Close(); } return phone; } }
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While the explicitness in this code is an improvement, in the case of thread synchronization locks, the recommendation now is to not use them with exception handling at all . See 29, Hybrid Thread Synchronization Constructs, for more details about this . If, in your code, you have determined that state has already been corrupted beyond repair, then you should destroy any corrupted state so that it can cause no additional harm . Then, restart your application so your state initializes itself to a good condition and hopefully, the state corruption will not happen again . Since managed state cannot leak outside of an AppDomain, you can destroy any corrupted state that lives within an AppDomain by unloading the entire AppDomain by calling AppDomain s Unload method (see 22 for details) . And, if you feel that your state is so bad that the whole process should be terminated, then you can call Environment s static FailFast method:
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Part II Solutions
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In an enterprise environment, managing DHCP service requires you to perform a broad range of functions, from changing the status of a DHCP server, to backing up the server, to using command-line tools to configure a DHCP server from over wide area network (WAN) links. In addition, enterprise networks often include various topology restrictions or other practical limitations requiring situational design adjustments in DHCP service. Effective DHCP administrators need to be able to handle these adjust ments, such as providing DHCP service through routers or configuring more than one logical subnet on a single physical network segment.
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Notice that the Id attribute of the DisplayRule element is what we used in the CommandDefinitions DisplayName element. This rule simply states that our button should only display in the web client and not in the Outlook client. You have a variety of options for your rule set, so you should be able to find a combination of settings to match almost any requirement.
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Important Because the checked operator and statement affect only which versions of the add, subtract, multiply, and data conversion IL instructions are produced, calling a method within a checked operator or statement has no impact on that method. The following code demonstrates:
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Puzzle 1: Medication Tablets
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indows Small Business Server 2008 streamlines the client management process, making it easy to connect computers to the network and manage them from a single console.
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How focusing on the factor below affects the factor to the right Correctness Usability Efficiency Reliability Integrity Adaptability Accuracy Robustness
Comparison Summary
If you do not use the off-screen notes area when you set up your slides, no speaker notes will appear here to guide you during your talk.
Local Accounts and Groups vs . Domain Accounts and Groups
Listing 19-1: PENTERHOOK.CPP /*--------------------------------------------------------------------Debugging Applications for Microsoft .NET and Microsoft Windows Copyright 1997-2003 John Robbins -- All rights reserved. ---------------------------------------------------------------------*/ /*///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///// The Includes /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///*/ #include "stdafx.h" #include "SWSDLL.h" #include "SymbolEngine.h" #include "VerboseMacros.h" #include "ModuleItemArray.h" /*///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///// Defines, Constants, & Typedefs /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///*/ // The event handle the _penter function checks to see if the processing // is disabled. static HANDLE g_hStartStopEvent = NULL ; // The simple automatic class I used to ensure various things are // initialized. 680
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