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The FCL documentation describes all of the methods and properties that Type exposes . Be aware that there are a lot of them . In fact, Type offers about 60 public instance properties . This doesn t even include the methods and fields that Type also defines . I ll be covering some of these methods in the next section .
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Using Windows Mail
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Practice 1 Find a page in your current website that uses a data grid to display data. Put this data grid into an UpdatePanel to enable partial-page updates when paging through the data. Practice 2 Create a webpage that allows a user to cycle through a series of pictures. Use the Timer control to automatically update the graphic on display at periodic intervals.
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Figure 4-2 An administrator is presented with a prompt for consent when attempting to perform an administrative action.
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that are marked with the OnSerializing attribute . Next it serializes all of the objects fields, and finally it calls all of the objects methods marked with the OnSerialized attribute . Similarly, when you deserialize a set of objects, the formatter calls all of the objects methods that are marked with the OnDeserializing attribute, then it deserializes all of the object s fields, and then it calls all of the objects methods marked with the OnDeserialized attribute . Note also that during deserialization, when a formatter sees a type offering a method marked with the OnDeserialized attribute, the formatter adds this object s reference to an internal list . After all the objects have been deserialized, the formatter traverses this list in reverse order and calls each object s OnDeserialized method . When this method is called, all the serializable fields will be set correctly, and they may be accessed to perform any additional work that would be necessary to fully deserialize the object . Invoking these methods in reverse order is important because it allows inner objects to finish their deserialization before the outer objects that contain them finish their deserialization . For example, imagine a collection object (like Hashtable or Dictionary) that internally uses a hash table to maintain its sets of items . The collection object type would implement a method marked with the OnDeserialized attribute . Even though the collection object would start being deserialized first (before its items), its OnDeserialized method would be called last (after any of its items OnDeserialized methods) . This allows the items to complete deserialization so that all their fields are initialized properly, allowing a good hash code value to be calculated . Then, the collection object creates its internal buckets and uses the items hash codes to place the items into the buckets . I show an example of how the Dictionary class uses this in the upcoming Controlling the Serialized/Deserialized Data section of this chapter .
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Practice 4
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NOTE Con guring client computers for automatic downloads requires that an adminisE code 39
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Figure 19-10 The options shown here apply to all deices and computers sharing a media library. You can set similar options for an indiidual deice.
Lesson Review
This causes ILDasm.exe to run, loading the App.exe assembly. The /Adv switch tells ILDasm to make some "advanced" menu items available. These advanced menu items can be found on the View menu. To see the metadata in a nice, human readable form, select the View.MetaInfo.Show! menu item (or press Ctrl+M). This causes the following information to appear:
You have just created your first database table! You also set a primary key, set a serial column, and filled the table with some data. As you can see, as soon as you have a clear idea about the structure of a table, it s relatively easy to use pgAdmin III to create it into your database. Let s move on!
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