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Setting for First Windows Setup Wizard Page Computer Regional And Language Options Personalize Your Software Your Product Key Default (English).
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The RECOMPILE option tells SQL Server to create a new execution plan every time it is invoked . This option actually tells SQL Server not to bother to cache the plan, hence every invocation of the procedure ends up creating a new plan because it won t find an existing one . It is especially useful when the cost of the recompiles is lower than the extra cost associated with reusing suboptimal plans . First, run the altered procedure specifying an input with high selectivity:
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Note Using surrogate keys comes with advantages and disadvantages, and fierce debates between database experts. This section is intended to only explain the terminology, without offering an opinion on the use of surrogate keys.
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VPN Deployment Best Practices |
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var customerDb = theContainer.Resolve<Database>("Customers");
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XmlSerializer(Type, XmlAttributeOverrides)
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Document all abbreviations in a project-level Standard Abbreviations document Abbreviations in code create two general risks:
Notice that the contract also uses a URL-like name format because it too is sent as part of the message header . The contract name uses a binary collation also, so be careful of the case when typing the name . There s no ALTER CONTRACT statement for adding or removing message types, so you have to get the CREATE CONTRACT right . The only way to change the message type list is to drop the contract and create a new one . The catalog view for listing contracts is sys.service_contracts . The view that describes how messages are related to contracts is sys.service_contract_message_usages . The following query generates a list of all the message types in the database, what contracts they are used in, and which endpoints send them:
Adding Background Music or Audio
10 Tips for Enhancing Your Storyboard
Sorting, Filtering, Stacking, and Grouping
PHP SOAP functionality can be found at Consult Appendix A to ensure you have SOAP support enabled in your PHP installation.
Implementing Tax and Shipping Charges
Before we dive into the details of how to use the new Windows Firewall to protect your Windows Server 2008 hosts, let us quickly review the major enhancements over earlier versions.
Page 16
The compiler generates Equals and GetHashCode methods so that instances of the anonymous type can be placed in a hash table collection . The properties are readonly as opposed to read/write to help prevent the object s hashcode from changing . Changing the hashcode for an object used as a key in a hashtable can prevent the object from being found . The compiler generates the ToString method to help with debugging . In the Visual Studio debugger, you can place the mouse cursor over a variable that refers to an instance of an anonymous type, and Visual Studio will invoke the ToString method and show the resulting string in a datatip window . By the way, Visual Studio s IntelliSense will suggest the property names as you write code in the editor a very nice feature .
// Load the string on the stack for Concat. IL_0012: ldstr ", " // Load the address of the boxed Int32 on the stack for Concat. IL_0017: ldloc.1 // Call Concat. IL_0018: call
Tip Since the build de nition name is often used from the command line and as a part of the
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