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CREATE TABLE dbo.Employees ( empid INT NOT NULL, empname VARCHAR(25) NOT NULL, mgrid INT NULL, CONSTRAINT PK_Employees PRIMARY KEY(empid), CONSTRAINT CHK_Employees_empid CHECK(empid > 0), CONSTRAINT FK_Employees_Employees FOREIGN KEY(mgrid) REFERENCES Employees(empid) );
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Sample of Visual Basic Code Protected Sub Page_Load(ByVal sender As Object, _ ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Me.Load If Page.PreviousPage Is Nothing Then LabelData.Text = "No previous page in post" Else LabelData.Text = _ Server.HtmlEncode(CType(PreviousPage.FindControl("TextBox1"), TextBox).Text) End If End Sub Sample of C# Code protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) { if(Page.PreviousPage == null) { LabelData.Text = "No previous page in post"; } else { LabelData.Text = Server.HtmlEncode(((TextBox)PreviousPage.FindControl("TextBox1")).Text); } }
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5 Solutions Overview and Concepts
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37signals (http://www.37signals.com/), a successful web software company, was founded in 1999 initially as a web design agency that promoted the use of clean, fast, and functional designs over the gee-whiz Flash-based web sites that were popular at the time. With only two cofounders running the entire company, they quickly realized they needed some tools to help them run their business efficiently. They tried some off-the-shelf software but found nothing that matched their needs, and found most solutions to be bloated and complex. They felt their attitude toward web design should also be applied to applications, and in mid-2003 decided to develop their own project management tool. As designers rather than coders, 37signals turned to the services of David Heinemeier Hansson, a student in Copenhagen, Denmark, to develop their project management application. Rather than use the then-common tools such as Perl or PHP, Hansson was convinced that 37signals could develop the application far more quickly and completely by using Ruby. Previously a PHP coder, Hansson was beginning to feel the pain of using PHP for large web application development, and felt a new direction should be sought. As development on the nascent application (called Basecamp) progressed, the team members showed it to others in the industry and quickly realized from the responses they heard that they should release the application to the public rather than keep it for their own use. With a successful public release of Basecamp in February 2004 only about four months after beginning the project the development methodology adopted by 37signals and Hansson was proven, and 37signals began a rapid transition into an application development company, with Hansson eventually becoming a partner at the company. Ruby proved to be the silver bullet that powered the rapid development of Basecamp. Hansson used Ruby s object orientation and reflection features to build a framework that made developing database-driven web applications easier than ever before. This framework became known as Ruby on Rails, and was first released to the public in July 2004. 37signals continued to develop new products quickly using the power of the new framework. Like Ruby itself, the Ruby on Rails framework didn t immediately experience an explosion of popularity, but found a small number of ardent fans who began to realize its power and, in many cases, wished to replicate 37signals success.
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C08620245.fm Page 270 Tuesday, June 8, 2004 6:50 PM
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You can log in now and see how the traditional registration process occurs. If you create a menu that connects to the CB component (Comprofiler), clicking the link when you re logged into the system will display your user profile page, as shown in Figure 8-38.
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1. Open System in Control Panel . (In the Start menu Search box, type system .) 2. In the Tasks list, click Remote Settings (requires administrator privileges) . 3. On the Remote tab, click Advanced to display the dialog box shown in Figure 9-9
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Notice how the output is exactly the same as the output of the earlier page tracing example . However, now the tracing information stands alone without cluttering up the Web page .
When you create an Auto Playlist, the text you enter in the Auto Playlist Name box is used in two places . The playlist title appears between the <title> and </title> tags in the XML file that contains the Auto Playlist definition . The Player also uses that text as the filename that gets saved into the Playlists folder . When you right-click the saved Auto Playlist and click Edit, you can change the name in the Edit Auto Playlist dialog box, but that change is only written to the XML file; the filename remains the same . To rename the file itself, right-click the Auto Playlist name and click Open File Location; then rename the file in Windows Explorer .
Lesson 3: Configuring Advanced DNS Server Properties . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-43
p.Change(2, 2); Console.WriteLine(p); Object o = p; Console.WriteLine(o); ((Point) o).Change(3, 3); Console.WriteLine(o); // Boxes p, changes the boxed object and discards it ((IChangeBoxedPoint) p).Change(4, 4); Console.WriteLine(p); // Changes the boxed object and shows it ((IChangeBoxedPoint) o).Change(5, 5); Console.WriteLine(o); } }
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