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SELECT CAST(TextData AS NVARCHAR(MAX)) AS tsql_code, Duration AS duration INTO dbo.Workload FROM sys.fn_trace_gettable('c:\temp\Perfworkload 20060828.trc', NULL) AS T WHERE Duration IS NOT NULL;
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It will reduce the load on the VPN answering gateway at the primary
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Using Group Policy
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String s1 = "Hello"; String s2 = "Hel"; String s3 = s2 + "lo"; Console.WriteLine(Object.ReferenceEquals(s1, s3)); Console.WriteLine(s1.Equals(s3));
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OSPF Overview
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Office Word 2000 Office Word 2002 Office Word 2003
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
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The form preview feature does more than just show you the form layout you can also test any custom scripts that you added to the form events listed in Table 7-1. Obviously, being able to test and debug your event scripts using the preview tool can save you time. When you start the form preview, Microsoft Dynamics CRM fires the onLoad event. However, you cannot create a record in preview mode, so you need to use the Simulate Form
Common CSS site files are just one of the many advantages provided by using a CSS. At the time the CSS technology was being born, Microsoft and Netscape were engaged in a struggle for dominance of the web browser market. As each company released new versions of their browsers at a lightning pace, capabilities were becoming more robust. However, the platforms where they were being released were sometimes hobbled by technical limitations such as a lack of standard fonts. To resolve this problem, a CSS file can provide formatting choices that offer one or more options, and the platform could choose an option to best display the content. That means that a site using a CSS file can modify the presentation of the page based on the browser that is accessing it. For example, a CSS file could have explicit styles that are used only when a cell phone browser accesses it. This type of presentation logic is perfectly suited for a CMS, where all content is displayed through a number of site templates. Using CSS to define a Joomla template allows the content to be completely separate from the presentation. Content articles are stored in the database, while the presentation is contained in the CSS files. One style can be replaced with another (perhaps based on
}; String EcmaPublicKeyToken = "b77a5c561934e089"; String MSPublicKeyToken = "b03f5f7f11d50a3a"; // Get the version of the assembly containing System.Object // We'll assume the same version for all the other assemblies Version version = typeof(System.Object).Assembly.GetName().Version; // Explicitly load the assemblies that we want to reflect over foreach (String a in assemblies) { String AssemblyIdentity = String.Format(a, EcmaPublicKeyToken, MSPublicKeyToken) + ", Culture=neutral, Version=" + version; Assembly.Load(AssemblyIdentity); } }
Configuring Remote Access Authentication
Dedicated or dial-up link to ISP
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