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Visual Basic Example of Statements in Which Order Dependencies Are Hidden but Clarified with Comments
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.NET Interface IDbConnection
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25. Code-Tuning Strategies
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MEF will then instantiate the view model and pass it as an argument to the view s constructor. Note: You can use property injection or constructor injection in both MEF and Unity; however, you may find property injection to be simpler because you do not have to maintain two constructors. Design-time tools, such as Visual Studio and Expression Blend, require that controls have a default parameter-less constructor or they cannot be displayed in the designer. Any additional constructors that you define should ensure that the default constructor is called so that view can be properly initialized by using the InitializeComponent method.
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point to a neighboring intranet router. These routes make all locations on your intranet reachable from the VPN server. Without these routes, all intranet hosts not connected to the same subnet as the VPN server are unreachable. To add a default route that points to the Internet, configure the Internet interface with a default gateway and then manually configure the intranet interface without a default gateway. To add intranet routes to the routing table of the VPN server, you can:
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Table 1-2 New Attributes in the @Page Directive
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VPN Deployment
Log on to the Windows 2000 client with a local administrative account. Open System Properties by right-clicking My Computer and selecting Properties. Click the Network Identi cation tab and then click Properties to open the Identi cation Changes page shown in Figure 14-14.
You can re-create your data like so: fred = Person.new fred.name = "Fred Bloggs" fred.age = 45 laura = Person.new laura.name = "Laura Smith" laura.age = 23
There are some additional rules and guidelines that you should know about when defining a method that specifies default values for some of its parameters:
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