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13. Unusual Data Types
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<PropertyGroup> <RunFxCopDependsOn> $(RunFxCopDependsOn); CoreBuild; CustomAfterFxCop </RunFxCopDependsOn> </PropertyGroup> <Target Name="CustomAfterFxCop"> <Message Text="FxCop executed." Importance="high" /> </Target> </Project>
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Here s a basic program we ll refer to it as basic_client.rb that can use the Bot class, which reads input from the keyboard and prints the bot s responses to the screen: require 'bot' bot = => 'Fred', :data_file => '') puts bot.greeting while input = gets and input.chomp != 'end' puts '>> ' + bot.response_to(input) end puts bot.farewell qr code reader
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Public Enum Country Country_First = 0 Country_China = 0 Country_England = 1 Country_France = 2 Country_Germany = 3 Country_India = 4 Country_Japan = 5 Country_Usa = 6 Country_Last = 6 End Enum
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FIGURE 21-14 Viewing event information
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In this case, the Bezier curve is defined with a start point at (100,100), an end point at (300,100), and a control point at (200,0). An animation is set up to trigger after the path loads, and it animates the end point of the curve (Point2) from (300,100) to (300,600) over a time duration of five seconds.
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Now, as you develop your application, turn on the compiler s /checked+ switch for debug builds . Your application will run more slowly because the system will be checking for overflows on any code that you didn t explicitly mark as checked or unchecked . If an exception occurs, you ll easily detect it and be able to fix the bug in your code . For the release build of your application, use the compiler s /checked-switch so that the code runs faster and overflow exceptions won t be generated . To change the Checked setting in Microsoft Visual Studio, display the properties for your project, select the Build tab, click Advanced, and then select the Check For Arithmetic Overflow/underflow" option, as shown in Figure 5-1 . If your application can tolerate the slight performance hit of always doing checked operations, then I recommend that you compile with the /checked command-line option even for a release build because this can prevent your application from continuing to run with corrupted data and possible security holes . For example, you might perform a multiplication to calculate an index into an array; it is much better to get an OverflowException as opposed to accessing an incorrect array element due to the math wrapping around .
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PPP header
<form runat=server> <table width=600 height=600 border=0 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0> <tr> <td width=120 bgcolor="blue" valign=top> <font face="verdana" color="yellow" size=2><b> Just before the user control is included... </b></font> <06:login ID="LoginControl" RunAt=Server /> <font face="verdana" color="yellow" size=2><b> Just after the user control was included...
you to load an assembly into the specified AppDomain . This method was designed to be called by unmanaged code, and it allows a host to inject an assembly into a specific AppDomain . Managed code developers generally shouldn t call this method because when AppDomain s Load method is called, you pass it a string that identifies an assembly . The method then applies policy and searches the normal places looking for the assembly . Recall that an AppDomain has settings associated with it that tell the CLR how to look for assemblies . To load this assembly, the CLR will use the settings associated with the specified AppDomain, not the calling AppDomain .
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