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Microsoft Dynamics CRM starts with the system or baseline solution, and then continues with each managed solution in the order they were created, and finally adds any additional, unmanaged customizations. At each step, the system merges the changes and users see the result at run time. Microsoft Dynamics CRM always attempts to merge these components, regardless of the option selected when importing an update to a managed solution. For any conflicts, Microsoft Dynamics CRM applies the managed solution changes in order of install and finally any changes to the unmanaged layer. Top Row Displays This strategy applies to conflicts with the remaining components that do not support merging. In these cases, the top row is calculated based on the order of update, with the last update being what is displayed. Where this isn t always true is when you update managed solutions. When updating an existing managed solution, you are prompted with an option to maintain or overwrite existing unmanaged customizations. If you choose to maintain, then the changes to non-merged components made to the last updated layer will be preserved and the top row will still include the unmanaged customizations layer and not the contents of the managed solution update. Microsoft Dynamics CRM will always attempt to merge changes for merged components. Let s review a more complicated scenario based on our two managed solutions from Table 5-3. Consider the following sequence and the results to the system shown in Table 5-5.
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Keys to Refactoring Safely
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As usual, the results vary significantly. The sentinel technique can be applied to virtually any situation in which you use a linear search to linked lists as well as arrays. The only caveats are that you must choose the sentinel value carefully and that you must be careful about how you put the sentinel value into the array or linked list.
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MouseAdapter MouseEvent MouseMotionAdapter MouseWheelEvent PaintEvent TextEvent WindowAdapter WindowEvent
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Presenting Without Being Present Sending Your Notes Pages (Not Your Slides) Producing an Online Presentation And Now, Presenting . . . 10 Tips for Enhancing Your Delivery Index
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SELECT SUBSTRING(CAST(cl_col AS BINARY(16)), 11, 6) AS segment1, * FROM dbo.T1 WITH (NOLOCK);
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CODE CARDINALITY(ERRATA) ------- ------------------SQL 3 XML 2 A corresponding query against a regular relational errata table would need a COUNT(*), a GROUP BY, and a HAVING clause.
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31. Layout and Style
JITted code
In C#, a single type can define multiple indexers as long as the indexers all take different parameter sets . In other programming languages, the IndexerName attribute allows you to define multiple indexers with the same signature because each can have a different name . The reason C# won t allow you to do this is because its syntax doesn t refer to the indexer by name; the compiler wouldn t know which indexer you were referring to . Attempting to compile the following C# source code causes the compiler to generate the following message: "error C0111: Type 'SomeType' already defines a member called 'this' with the same parameter types."
26. Code-Tuning Techniques
build agent s working directory path, it is recommended that you minimize the length of the name (to avoid exceeding maximum path lengths) and avoid unnecessary special characters, including spaces.
to contain a lot of errors is the class of overly complex routines. For details on identifying and simplifying routines, see General Guidelines for Reducing Complexity in Section 19.6.
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1. Introduction to Microsoft .NET
Using Server Controls
nel (Schannel). If not, the certificate cannot be used and it is not selectable from the properties of the Smart Card Or Other Certificate EAP type on the Authentication tab in the Properties dialog box of a profile for a remote access policy.
In this chapter, we ve described some common uses of Group Policy and Group Policy Preferences, all in pursuit of organizing and centralizing security and other settings. In the next chapter, we move on to con guring and gathering reports on your Windows SBS network s operations.
Name Resolution
Delegates and Reflection
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