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<configuration> <appSettings file="myfile.config /> </configuration>
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When designing your own types, consider carefully whether to define your types as value types instead of reference types. In some situations, value types can give better performance. In particular, you should declare a type as a value type if all the following statements are true: The type acts like a primitive type. The type doesn t need to inherit from any other type. 116
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It s possible for the application to tell the CLR to create additional AppDomains in the process s address space . In fact, this is what my Ch22-1-AppDomains application did .
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follow-up releases planned. Value Consider the value of an automated test over its lifetime. Some testers say that the value of a test case is in finding bugs, but many bugs found by automated tests are only found the first time the test is run. Once the bug is fixed, these tests become regression tests tests that show that recent changes do not cause previously working functionality to stop working. Many automation techniques can vary data used by the test or change the paths tested on each run of the test to continue to find bugs throughout the lifetime of the test. For products with a long lifetime, a growing suite of regression tests is an advantage with so much complexity in the underlying software, a large number of tests that focus primarily on making sure functionality that worked before keeps on working is exceptionally advantageous. Point of involvement Most successful automation projects I have witnessed have occurred on teams where the test team was involved from the beginning of the project. Attempts at adding automated tests to a project in situations where the test team begins involvement close to or after code complete usually fail. Accuracy Good automation reports accurate results every time it runs. One of the biggest complaints from management regarding automated tests is the number of false positives automation often generates. (See the following sidebar titled "Positively False ") False positives are tests that report a failure, but the failure is caused by a bug somewhere in the test rather than a product bug. Some areas of a project (such as user interface components that are in flux) can be difficult to analyze by automated testing and can be more prone to reporting false positives. Positively False When a test fails, even though the targeted functionality is working correctly, it is commonly referred to as a false positive report. The test reports an error (the positive), but no error actually exists (thus false). Conversely, a situation where a test passes even though the underlying functionality is broken is often called a false negative (or false pass). An example of a false positive outside of the softwaretesting world is a judicial court finding someone guilty for a crime the person did not actually commit, whereas a false negative would be a court finding someone innocent when that person actually is guilty. These terms come from the world of statistics, where false positives and false negatives are most often known as Type I and Type II errors, respectively. Supported platforms Automation is one approach for addressing the test matrix explosion that occurs in many large projects. Writing a test once that will run on multiple platforms or systems provides a huge time-saving advantage. On a small scale, this can mean that a single automated test can run on both Microsoft Windows Server and the Windows Vista operating system, but the big successes happen when a single automated test is able to run on 8 different embedded platforms or in 10 different Web browsers. Complexity How complex is a test to automate versus manual execution or verification Some tests are simply too difficult to automate using existing frameworks or available technologies. For example, graphics programs can use pixel comparison algorithms to compare two images. Image comparison is notorious for causing false positives. Fuzzy matching sometimes provides better results, but the implementation is often complex and can require constant changes in the automation to produce the desired result. Other factors You also must consider the amount of time you have to automate as well as the skills of the testers who will be writing the automation. Automation is an investment. It is never something that can be fit in last minute, and neither is it something that an unskilled tester is
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In addition to these five computers, the test lab also contains four hubs (or layer 2 switches):
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Use structures to simplify operations on blocks of data You can combine related elements into a structure and perform operations on the structure. It s easier to operate on the structure than to perform the same operation on each of the elements. It s also more reliable, and it takes fewer lines of code.
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Figure 2-48. The new graphic will appear in place of the old.
e.SetName("Jeffrey Richter"); String EmployeeName = e.GetName(); e.SetAge(41); e.SetAge(-5); Int32 EmployeeAge = e.GetAge(); // // // // // updates the employee's name retrieves the employee's name Updates the employee's age Throws ArgumentOutOfRangeException retrieves the employee's age
The UpdateBatchSize property lets you exercise some control over the number of records packed in a single batch statement. The default value of the property is 1, which causes the batch update feature to work as it does in version 1.x. By setting the UpdateBatchSize to a value greater than 1, you can force the data adapter to create a statement according to the following pattern:
<Project xmlns=""> <PropertyGroup> <Configuration>Debug</Configuration> </PropertyGroup> <PropertyGroup> <Configuration>Release</Configuration> </PropertyGroup>
And, the CLR itself does all kinds of great things for developers to make our lives even easier . For example, the CLR implicitly:
Part I Overview and Configuration
Name resolution is a complex topic that can appear difficult to understand, but mastering its concepts is nonetheless essential if you want to become a Windows Server 2003 networking expert. Because the Active Directory directory service depends on the Domain Name System (DNS) for its most basic functioning, without a clear understanding of how DNS works, you will not be able to effectively troubleshoot networks running Microsoft Windows Server 2003. This chapter introduces foundational concepts related to name resolution in Windows Server 2003 networks and, in particular, DNS. The chapter then describes the process of configuring DNS servers and DNS clients in a Windows Server 2003 network. Along the way, you are introduced to essential troubleshooting tools such as Nbtstat and Ipconfig /flushdns to help you solve name resolution problems in your network. Lessons in this :
Straight Time 4.33 3.54
To view more details about the certificate and its issuer, click the View Certificates link. When the certificate is expired or invalid, or when the address assigned to the certificate doesn t match the domain that s presenting it, a warning message appears in the browser window. If you choose to continue, the Address bar turns bright red and a Certificate Error message appears there. Click the Error indicator to see a more detailed explanation of why you should be leery of the current site.
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