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Follow these steps to remove the code samples from your computer: . . . . 1 . . In Control Panel, open Add Or Remove Programs . 2 . . From the list of Currently Installed Programs, select Microsoft ASP .NET 4 Step by Step . 3 . . Click Remove . 4 . . Follow the instructions that appear to remove the code samples .
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WITH D AS ( SELECT seqval, (SELECT MIN(B.seqval) FROM dbo.BigNumSeq AS B WHERE B.seqval >= A.seqval AND NOT EXISTS (SELECT * FROM dbo.BigNumSeq AS C WHERE C.seqval = B.seqval + 1)) AS grp FROM dbo.BigNumSeq AS A ) SELECT MIN(seqval) AS start_range, MAX(seqval) AS end_range FROM D GROUP BY grp;
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18. Graphics and UI
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Part II Programming Silverlight 3 with .NET
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BetterPhone.Dial BetterPhone.EstablishConnection Phone.Dial Phone.EstablishConnection
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Modifying a Data Grid Using Visual Basic .NET Listing 9-2 shows the code-behind file for GridTest.aspx, named GridTest.aspx.vb. This code handles binding to the GolfArticles database as well as updating and deleting records. Listing 9-2 GridText.aspx.vb, the code-behind file for GridTest.aspx
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Figure A-3 illustrates an overview of the employees and management structure. Note that department 40 has no employees.
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The HIERARCHYID type supports a method called GetReparentedValue that helps in calculating new paths when you need to move a whole subtree to a new location in the tree. The method is applied to the HIERARCHYID value of a node that you want to reparent, but it doesn t perform the actual reparenting. It simply returns a new value that you can then use to overwrite the existing path. The method accepts two inputs (call them @old_root and @new_root) and returns a new value with the target node s path where the @new_root pre x replaces the @old_root pre x. It s as simple as that. Note When you call GetReparentedValue on a HIERARCHYID h, the path of @old_root must be a
You are an application developer for Humongous Insurance. You are developing a new customer service portal. The first page users go to allows them to create a website account, which you then link to their customer information in your internal database. On the registration page, the user must enter a valid email address, password, and account number. The password must be between 6 and 14 characters and contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number.
Log on to the newly installed Windows Server 2008 computer. You ll be prompted to change your initial password. At the initial command window, start a second command window by typing the following command:
This chapter marks the end of the second part of this book, and you should now have enough Ruby knowledge to pass as a solid, intermediate Ruby developer. You should be able to understand the majority of Ruby documentation available online and be able to use Ruby productively either professionally or for fun. Part 3 of this book digs a little deeper into Ruby s libraries and frameworks, from Ruby on Rails and the Web, to general networking and library use. 17, which looks at a plethora of different Ruby libraries and how to use them, will be particularly useful to refer to as you develop your own programs, so that you don t reinvent the wheel too often!
SQL> col COMMISSION NOPRINT -- Now you use the column alias instead SQL> / month EMPNO last_name BDATE salary ------ -------------------- ----------- --------7369 SMITH 17-DEC-1965 $800.00 7499 ALLEN 20-FEB-1961 $1600.00 7521 WARD 22-FEB-1962 $1250.00 ... 14 rows selected. SQL> col commission off SQL> / EMPNO last_name ------ -------------------7369 SMITH 7499 ALLEN 7521 WARD ... SQL> col commission COLUMN commission OFF FORMAT $9999.99 NOPRINT SQL> col commission on SQL> month BDATE salary COMMISSION ----------- --------- ---------17-DEC-1965 $800.00 20-FEB-1961 $1600.00 300 22-FEB-1962 $1250.00 500
During application initialization (in the Main method), this code constructs a System.UnhandledExceptionEventHandler delegate as a wrapper around the static MgdUEPolicy method; this delegate is then registered with the UnhandledException event offered by the System.AppDomain type. Whenever a thread has an unhandled exception, the CLR will invoke the MgdUEPolicy method. If an unmanaged thread has an unhandled exception that was thrown by unmanaged code, the CLR won t invoke the MgdUEPolicy method. For a release build of the application, the code in the MgdUEPolicy method should display or log the unhandled exception information (including the stack trace) so that this information can be sent back to the company developing the application. The code could also try to send the exception 338
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