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Graphs, Trees, Hierarchies, and Recursive Queries
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11 Media in Silverlight: Rich Imaging
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Figure 10-4: Automation infrastructure.
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The following are the minimum system requirements to run the companion CD provided with this book: Microsoft Windows XP, with at least Service Pack 2 installed and the latest updates installed from Microsoft Update Service CD-ROM drive Internet connection
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This declares an event handler for the change of selection called ListBox_SelectionChanged. You handle this event by casting the SelectedItem to the appropriate type and then reading its properties. In the preceding case, the items in the ComboBox contained TextBlock controls, so you can derive their contents like this: qr code reader
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protected void ButtonShowApplicationSetting_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { string applicationSetting = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ApplicationSetting"]; this.LabelShowApplicationSetting.Text = applicationSetting; }
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c# itextsharp datamatrix
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DVD Video Keyboard/Mouse External Disks (for backup) Modem
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C. Enable IXFR on the secondary server. D. Enable AXFR on the primary server.
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In the TargetBatching01 target, each target was executing with a context of a single value for the Server item. This is because the batching produced batches with only one item. In this sample, we are batching over the Type metadata, which has two unique values, among four different item values. If you look at the previous result, you can see that the statement <Message Text="%25(Server.Name): %(Server.Name)" /> produces two values to be printed. This is because there are two items in both of the batches. This is an example of target batching on Server.Type, and task batching on Server.Name. In the next section, we will discuss multi-value batches in more detail.
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Tips for Publishing PivotTable and PivotChart Reports
Code Coverage
DEALLOCATE CRoomsDesc; DEALLOCATE CEventsDesc; -- Step 2: Ascending DECLARE CRooms CURSOR FAST_FORWARD FOR SELECT roomid, seats FROM Rooms ORDER BY seats, roomid; DECLARE CEvents CURSOR FAST_FORWARD FOR SELECT eventid, attendees FROM @Events ORDER BY attendees, eventid; OPEN CRooms; OPEN CEvents; FETCH NEXT FROM CEvents INTO @eventid, @attendees; WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 BEGIN FETCH NEXT FROM CRooms INTO @roomid, @seats; WHILE @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 AND @seats < @attendees FETCH NEXT FROM CRooms INTO @roomid, @seats; IF @@FETCH_STATUS = 0 INSERT INTO @Result(roomid, eventid) VALUES(@roomid, @eventid); ELSE BEGIN RAISERROR('Not enough rooms for events.', 16, 1); BREAK; END FETCH NEXT FROM CEvents INTO @eventid, @attendees; END CLOSE CRooms; CLOSE CEvents; DEALLOCATE CRooms; DEALLOCATE CEvents; SELECT roomid, eventid FROM @Result;
// This method accepts an IEnumerable of any reference type Int32 Count(IEnumerable<Object> collection) { ... } ... // The call below passes an IEnumerable<String> to Count Int32 c = Count(new[] { "Grant" });
By contrast, let s look at how the C-runtime heap allocates memory . In a C-runtime heap, allocating memory for an object requires walking through a linked list of data structures . Once a large enough block is found, that block is split, and pointers in the linked-list nodes are modified to keep everything intact . For the managed heap, allocating an object simply means adding a value to a pointer this is blazingly fast by comparison . In fact, allocating an object from the managed heap is nearly as fast as allocating memory from a thread s stack! In addition, most heaps (such as the C-runtime heap) allocate objects wherever they find free space . Therefore, if I create several objects consecutively, it s quite possible for these objects to be separated by megabytes of address space . In the managed heap, however, allocating several objects consecutively ensures that the objects are contiguous in memory . In many applications, objects allocated around the same time tend to have strong relationships to each other and are frequently accessed around the same time . For example, it s very common to allocate a FileStream object immediately before a BinaryWriter object is created . Then the application would use the BinaryWriter object, which internally uses
Personalizing Windows Vista
name of the auditing event provider in Windows. Pay very close attention, notice the right bracket (]) after the @Name clause. The next part of the query is an and . This means that we are done with the <Provider> element. The next part of the query tells us to match the <Task> child element of the <System> element. (Remember we finished with <Provider>.):
Adding Graphics to Your Storyboard
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