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One of the problems with IntelliSense in past versions of Visual Studio was that the pop-up window hid the source code. You would need to close the pop-up window to see the source code beneath it, and then start typing again. A new feature in Visual Studio 2008 is the semitransparent IntelliSense pop-up window. When the IntelliSense window appears, you can press the Ctrl key to make the pop-up window semitransparent, allowing you to see the source code under the window. Figures 2-16 and 2-17 illustrate this feature.
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Note Creating these samples assumes you have Microsoft Dynamics CRM System Administrator,
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Authentication Methods: Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP), with the
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Part I Overview and Configuration
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Part II:
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Page 315 It s only polite to let the user know that the e-service was added successfully. You can add the following code just before the closing bracket in the addEservice() function: Finally, you should close the browser window so the user can return to the Publish Wizard. This process is identical to the one you performed previously to close the Publish Wizard, except the name of the window is different. You can add the following code just after the line that alerts the user: // Use the Windows.FindByName method to get the index // of the browser window hosted by Producer. var nWin = Application.Windows.FindByName("EServiceWindow"); // Retrieve the hosted window object. var pWin = Application.Windows.Item(nWin); // Test whether the hosted window was successfully retrieved. if (pWin){ // Close the window. pWin.Close(); } Figure 14.7 shows the completed Learn More Web page as displayed by Producer. Remember, you re not limited to offering only one e-service in your Learn More page. Also, you can use any HTML that you would normally use with Internet Explorer to make the page look more interesting. Try authoring your Web page using Microsoft FrontPage instead of Notepad. For a complete sample Learn More page, see the topic Adding an E-service Using a Learn More Page in the Samples section of the Producer SDK.
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You can use the function in interesting ways . For example, suppose that a client application needs to send SQL Server a comma-separated list of order IDs as input to a stored procedure, and expects to get back information about orders whose keys appear in the list . A common way to achieve this task is to pass the stored procedure the comma-separated list of values as an input string, concatenate the input as part of a query string, and use dynamic SQL to run the query and return the requested orders . However, this approach suffers from both security and performance problems . In terms of security, such an implementation exposes your environment to SQL injection . In terms of performance, such an implementation does not provide efficient reuse of previously cached execution plans . With your new function, you can answer such a need with a static query that can reuse a previously cached execution plan:
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Figure 2-24. Driver Class Name selection
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Creating a Dynamic Data Website
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Automatic Memory Management (Garbage Collection)
In addition, Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook adds a section in the ribbon of the following types of records: tasks, contacts, appointments, and email messages. Within this CRM section, users can access additional functionality, such as creating a connection or inserting sales literature. The most common task users will perform on tasks, contacts, appointments, and email messages is tracking the record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. When users click the Track in CRM button, they can relate the Outlook record to the correct record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM by clicking Set Regarding and specifying a record. The regarding record can be any type of entity in Microsoft Dynamics CRM that supports a relationship to activities, such as Lead, Case, Account, and Opportunity. In addition, you can set the Regarding value to custom entities, assuming you enabled activities when creating the entity. When you track a record in Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook, the software displays a CRM tracking pane at the bottom of the record. This tracking pane shows the related CRM records so that you can quickly access them, as shown in Figure 2-5. By linking email messages, appointments, and tasks to records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, users can view those Outlook records in the list of activities related to that CRM record. Users can create records in Outlook and track them in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, or the activities can be created on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM server and then synchronized with a user s Outlook file. A typical example of this scenario is creating and assigning a task to a user using workflow (on the server), and then Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook synchronizes that new task with the user s Outlook task list automatically. Finally, Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook creates an address book that users can access when writing email messages, shown in Figure 2-6. With this Microsoft Dynamics CRM address book, users can quickly access the email addresses of the contacts in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database without having to open another application to look up that information. To access the address book, click the To or Cc button when creating an email message in Outlook and select the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Address Book option in the drop-down list. You can modify which records Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook will synchronize with your address book by changing the settings in the Address Book tab on the Options menu.
Objective 3.1
Uploading Data
gure, just sketch out the words to describe what you want on the screen. Don t try to make everything perfect at this point you want to apply your more creative side here, and you will likely nd that you can develop a sense of surprise, cleverness, and a visual sense of humor in your sketches to make sure the presentation doesn t get too stiff and impersonal. On the Slides tab in the Overview pane on the left, you can see the sketch you just drew in thumbnail size the rst illustration in the sequence of slides of your storyboard.
Time Is on My Side An accurate measurement of code review effectiveness requires accurate knowledge of the time spent on reviews. You could just ask the team how much time they spent reviewing code, but the answers, as you'd guess, would be highly inaccurate. This is one of the reasons teams that want to measure the value of code reviews use some type of code review tool for all of their code reviews. If the reviews are conducted in the framework of a review tool, time spent on the review task can be tracked more easily. There are, of course, some difficulties in measuring time spent on review as part of application usage. One mostly accurate solution is to monitor interaction with the application (keystrokes, mouse movements, and focus) to determine whether the reviewer is actively reviewing code or merely has the code review window open. Time spent on code reviews can be an interesting metric in the context of other metrics and can answer
Now, let s walk through the code to understand what s happening . When the Singleton type is loaded into the AppDomain, the CLR calls its static constructor, which constructs a Singleton object and saves a reference to it in a static field, s_theOneObject . The Singleton class doesn t offer any public constructors, which prevents any other code from constructing any other instances of this class . In SingletonSerializationTest, an array is created consisting of two elements; each element references the Singleton object . The two elements are initialized by calling Singleton s static GetSingleton method . This method returns a reference to the one Singleton object . The first call to Console s WriteLine method displays True, verifying that both array elements refer to the same exact object .
Lesson Review . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5-40
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2. For each file type, use the lookup to select an image and then click OK. A preview of the icon that you uploaded appears, in addition to the current published icon. 3. Publish the entity so that users can see the new icons. Important Before you can select an image as an entity icon, you must first add it as a web
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