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If you encounter a problem completing an exercise, you can find the completed projects in the samples installed from this book s companion CD. For more information about the project files and other content on the CD, see Using the Companion Media in this book s Introduction.
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31. Layout and Style
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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creating compelling user experiences and applications for WPF and Silverlight.
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Configuring the DHCP Server
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Shared Assemblies and Strongly Named Assemblies
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Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Querying
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It s possible to force an object to be seen as untainted by calling the untaint method on the object. For example, here s an extremely safe version of your Ruby interpreter: while x = gets next if x.tainted puts "=> #{eval(x)}" end However, it s incredibly useless, because all data accepted from the user is considered tainted, so nothing is ever run. Safety by inactivity! Let s assume, however, that you ve come up with a method that can tell if a certain operation is safe: def code_is_safe (code) code =~ /[`;*-]/ false : true end while x = gets x.untaint if code_is_safe (x) next if x.tainted puts "=> #{eval(x)}" end
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8 Methods
Practical Applications, Part 2
Finally, add a ValidationSummary control to the top of the webpage. This will be used to display the long error messages when the user submits the form. The completed webpage is shown in Figure 5-4.
Most written material, including this very book, contains a large number of words that, although providing context and structure, are not directly useful or interesting. In the last sentence, the words that, and, are, and or are not of particular interest, even if the sentence would make less sense to a human without them. These words are typically called stop words, and are often ignored by computer systems whose job is to analyze and search through text, because they aren t words most people are likely to be searching for (as opposed to nouns, for example). Google is a perfect example of this, as it doesn t want to have to store information that takes up space and that s generally irrelevant to searches.
Part V
Note that each record in the junction table links one category with one product. You can have as many records as you like in the junction table, linking any category to any product. The linking table contains two fields, each one referencing the primary key of one of the two linked tables. In our case, the junction table will contain two fields: a category_id field and a product_id field. Each record in the junction table will consist of a (product_id, category_id) pair, which will be used to associate a particular product with a particular category. By adding more records to the product_category table, you can associate a product with more categories or a category with more products, effectively implementing the Many-to-Many relationship. Because the Many-to-Many relationship is implemented using a third table that makes the connection between the linked tables, there is no need to add additional fields to the related tables in the way that we added the department_id to the category table for implementing the One-to-Many relationship. There s no definitive naming convention to use for the junction table. Most of the time it s okay to just join the names of the two linked tables in this case, the junction table is named product_category.
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