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Although indentation of blocks is the major issue in formatting control structures, you ll run into a few other kinds of issues. Here are some more guidelines:
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Static Routes For Remote Networks
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Change Tracking
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FigURE 12-20 The TreeView displays the nodes as configured.
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16-bit Windows applications will not install. 64-bit programs will be installed, by default, in subfolders of the Program Files folder (%ProgramFiles%), but 32-bit programs will land in subfolders of a separate program-file folder called Program Files (x86). While most programs designed for a 32-bit environment will run with full functionality in the x64 version of Windows, some might not, and certain of those might be courteous enough to notify you in advance:
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Displays a line of text that cannot be edited by the user. Displays status information about the application to the user; typically docked at the bottom of a form.
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C++ Example of a Pointer Expression That s Hard to Understand
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using System; using System.Runtime.CompilerServices; public sealed class BitArray { [IndexerName("Bit")] public Boolean this[Int32 bitPos] { // At least one accessor method is defined here } }
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The ConfigurationSettings Class To programmatically read application settings, you use the ConfigurationSettings class. ConfigurationSettings is a small, sealed class that simply provides one static method (GetConfig) and one static property (AppSettings). The AppSettings property is a read-only NameValueCollection object designed to get the information stored in the <appSettings> section. If no setting is specified, or if no <appSettings> section exists, an empty collection is returned. Note To have a read-only NameValueCollection object, you need to use a class that derives from NameValueCollection and sets the protected member IsReadonly to true. This is exactly what happens under the hood of the AppSettings property. The helper collection class that the AppSettings property returns is an undocumented class named ReadOnlyNameValueCollection.
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Click Header & Footer in the Insert tab to display the header and footer tools.
Users of Windows Vista Home Basic Edition do not have the ability to initiate a meeting in Windows Meeting Space (but they can join a meeting in progress or respond to a meeting invitation) . The other features described in this chapter are available in all editions of Windows Vista .
Learn at Your Own Pace
Java new String()
11 . . Create a view for the DotNetReferences model . Right-click the View folder . Create a new View folder and name it DotNetReferences by right-clicking the project s Views folder and clicking New Folder . Right-click the new folder and click Add and then View on the shortcut menu . Visual Studio will then display the Add View dialog box for configuring the view . Visual Studio will name the view Index . Make it strongly typed based on the DotNetReferences class (it will be available in the dialog box) . Leave the master as is . Finally, Visual Studio will generate the following view code for you by using reflection against the DotNetReferences model:
Client-to-DC IPsec Protection
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