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When you publish the PivotTable, the labels for the Order Amount and Region fields appear in the HTML file:
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Automatic Private IP Addressing
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Sample of Visual Basic Code Public Property SharedInfo() As String Get Return CType(Session("SharedInfo"), String) End Get Set(ByVal value As String) Session("SharedInfo") = value End Set End Property
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FIGURE 6-16 PrintTypeName and PrintTypeNameEnv target results
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.blur() .click(), .dblclick() .error() .focus(), .focusin(), .focusout()
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new StartingHands() { Nickname = "Blackjack", Notes = "The casino game blackjack.", Card1 = "As", Card2 = "Js" }); hands.Add( new StartingHands() { Nickname = "Cowboys", Notes = "Also referred to as King Kong", Card1 = "Ks", Card2 = "Kd" }); hands.Add( new StartingHands() { Nickname = "Doyle Brunson", Notes = "Named after poker great Doyle Brunson", Card1 = "Ts", Card2 = "2s" }); return hands; } } } 3. Next, you need to add the WCF service that will call the StartingHands.GetHands() method. Right-click the Ch6_WCFService.Web project and select Add ~TRA New Item. In the Add New Item dialog box, select the template named Silverlight-enabled WCF Service and name it StartingHandService.svc, as shown in Figure 6-4. Then click the Add button.
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None Metadata
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To the extent that it is possible, all applications, regardless of platform, should be designed in a parametric way and should read some of their settings from an external file. Simply by updating the configuration file, developers and system administrators can change the way in which the application works as well as elements of the user interface. In Microsoft Windows 3.x, user preferences and application settings were usually stored in INI files located in the Windows folder or in the application's main directory. This practice was retained in Microsoft Win32, although since Windows 95, the system registry has become the recommended store for Win32 and Component Object Model (COM) application settings. With both INI files and the registry, however, the developer had a certain degree of freedom in designing the layout of the data. Various guidelines have been suggested over time, but in fact the structure of INI files and registry subtrees was different from one application to the next. The Microsoft .NET Framework defines a tailor-made, XML-based API to access configuration files and, in doing so, forces developers to adopt a common, rich, and predefined schema for storing application settings. Using configuration files, administrators can control which resources a user can access, which versions of assemblies an application will use and from where, and which connection strings should be used. Configuration files can also include application-specific settings such as the buttons to be displayed on the toolbar, the size and position of controls, and other, more specific, state information. Using configuration files, you give your application a bunch of dynamic properties and eliminate the need to recompile every time different settings should be applied. .NET Framework configuration files are XML files saved with the .config extension and named and located according to the type of the application. Managed code can use the classes in the System.Configuration namespace to read settings from the configuration files but not to write settings to those files. Configuration files are considered plain XML files, and appropriate XML writers should be used to edit their contents. In this chapter, we'll delve into the .NET Framework configuration engine, reviewing the characteristics of the main classes involved and how key tasks are accomplished. We'll analyze the various types of configuration files and their overall schemas, and you'll learn how to customize a .config file with custom tags and custom contents.
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internal struct SomeValueType : IComparable { private Int32 m_x; public SomeValueType(Int32 x) { m_x = x; } public Int32 CompareTo(Object other) { return(m_x - ((SomeValueType) other).m_x); } }
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Lesson 4
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2 Working with Master Pages
22 CLR Hosting and AppDomains
Documenting and Copying Number Formats
This section introduces some of the criteria that an architect would consider when deciding on a single-tenant or multi-tenant design. This book revisits many of these topics in more detail, and with specific reference to Tailspin and the Surveys application, in later chapters. The relative importance of the different criteria will vary for different application scenarios. The architectural requirements of your application will influence your choice of a single-tenant or multi-tenant architecture.
DECLARE @key AS INT; UPDATE dbo.Sequence SET @key = val = val + 1;
Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Programming
Part II
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