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XML elements through object names or even character strings in the statement that fires the trigger . For example, if you create a table called [>], the XML value returned by the EVENTDATA() function will have the object name: >, and the command text CREATE TABLE [>](c int); .
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Flagging Notes for Follow Up
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he web development experience continues to evolve with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and Microsoft ASP.NET 4. The most important improvements are:
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2. Execute the analytical function. This phase occurs once for every function in the statement.
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MSBuild is a build engine rather than a build automation tool, which is where Team Foundation Build (referred to as Team Build for short) comes in to the picture. Team Build is a component of Microsoft s application life-cycle management tool called Visual Studio Team System. Team Build provides build automation that integrates tightly with the other Visual Studio Team System com ponents such as version control, work-item tracking, testing, and reporting. Why discuss Team Build in a book primarily about MSBuild Apart from both being build tools, the good news is that Team Build also uses MSBuild project les to de ne the build process, so the MSBuild knowledge you ve gained in the previous chapters will allow you to extend and customize Team Build s default build process.
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C. Configure TCP/IP on his LAN interface to obtain the address of a DNS server auto matically. D. Add the host names and IP addresses of the New York servers to the laptop s Hosts file.
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5. Data Types public void MyMethod(string someParam, params byte[] args) { // implementation code } code 39
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The command to combine these individual thread logs is as follows: FastTraceLog.exe -c FTSimpTest_2720 The merged trace file is written to a text file in the preceding case, it's FTSimpTest_2720.TXT. The output in the text file looks very similar to the dump, and you can see that time stamping was on and turned off before the last line. [0x0B3C 57 1/1/2003 17:52:47:205] Hello from CThread -> 3! [0x0B50 58 1/1/2003 17:52:47:205] Hello from CThread -> 3! [0x0B50 59 1/1/2003 17:52:47:486] Hello from CThread -> 4! [0x0B20 60 1/1/2003 17:52:47:486] Hello from CThread -> 4! [0x0B20 61 1/1/2003 17:52:47:767] Hello from CThread -> 5! [0x0830 62] THIS SHOULD BE THE LAST LINE! The values in brackets represent the particular thread that generated the message, the sequence number, and the optional date/time stamp of the message, and on the line below the bracketed values is the trace message. I'm proud to point out that the date/ time stamp is internationalized, so the date will appear as you expect it for your local! FastTrace Implementation As you can see, FastTrace is quite simple to use, and as you'll learn in this section, its implementation is nearly that simple as well. The main magic behind FastTrace is perthread storage. Each thread has its own copy of the file-writing class, so it writes only to a single file. Much of the core implementation is straightforward. All the source code is in the FastTrace project, which accompanies this book's sample files. I had to make only two interesting decisions while implementing FastTrace. The first thought I had when designing the tool was to store the individual thread trace logs as text files. That way the files were easily readable right off the bat. Of course, when I thought about the work that I was going to cause by merging them, I figured there had to be another way. Consequently, I chose to store each entry with a binary timestamp along with the particular trace string. I originally considered allowing variable length strings in that file format, but I didn't want to slow down the tracing by needing to count the characters in each string on each trace statement. Additionally, variable length strings would have made the reading that much more difficult. The second issue I needed some time to think about was which time format to store the timestamps in. I don't know if you've ever looked at the Time help for the operating system, but there seems to be a plethora of different formats. After playing around a little bit, I chose to use the FILETIME format because it's only 8 bytes, whereas the SYSTEMTIME format is 16 bytes. I also looked at the processing involved and determined the fastest way to get the time was to call only GetSystemTimeAsFileTime instead of other time functions.
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Refer back to the Employee type shown earlier . As the compiler compiles this type, it comes across the Name and Age properties . Because both properties have get and set accessor methods, the compiler emits four method definitions into the Employee type . It s as though the original source were written as follows:
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(If you include a specific Qt Mobility header, you can omit the inclusion of qmobilityglobal.h because it ll be included by the specific header.) Of course, you also need to forward-declare Qt Mobility classes or include the relevant header files that declare those classes; as with Qt, there s usually an include file for each class. For example, to reference a position using the QGeoPositionInfo class, simply include the QGeoPositionInfo header, like this:
Command Line Properties
IMarketHistoryService IAccountPositionService IOrdersService INewsFeedService IWatchListService
By the way, note that the version attribute is mandatory to ensure the correctness of the style sheet document. The key methods in the XslTransform class are Load and Transform. They perform the two steps just mentioned. In particular, you use the Load method to read the style sheet from a variety of sources. The Transform method, on the other hand, applies the transformation rules set in the style sheet to a given XML source document. A Quick XSLT Transformer Earlier in the chapter, we used XSLT scripts to transform an XML source document into something else say, an HTML page or another XML schema. The scripts were tested simply by adding a processing instruction to the XML source document. Such an instruction tells specialized browsers, like Internet Explorer 5 and later, to use the referenced XSLT script to transform the XML document before displaying it. A .NET Framework application can programmatically control the entire transformation process using the XslTransform class. The following console application represents a quick command-line XSLT transformer. It takes three arguments (the XML source, the XSLT style sheet, and the output file), sets up the processor, and saves the results of the transformation to the output file. using System; using System.Xml; using System.Xml.Xsl; class QuickXslTransformer { public QuickXslTransformer(string source, string stylesheet, string output) { XslTransform xslt = new XslTransform(); xslt.Load(stylesheet); xslt.Transform(source, output); } public static void Main(string[] args) { try { QuickXslTransformer o; args[2]); } catch (Exception e) { Console.WriteLine( "Unable to apply the XSLT transformation."); Console.WriteLine("Error:\t{0}", e.Message); 250 o = new QuickXslTransformer(args[0], args[1],
10 Data Binding
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