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No intellectual property protection Many people believe that it might be possible to ship NGen d files without shipping the files containing the original IL code, thereby keeping their intellectual property a secret . Unfortunately, this is not possible . At runtime, the CLR requires access to the assembly s metadata (for functions such as reflection and serialization); this requires that the assemblies that contain IL and metadata be shipped . In addition, if the CLR can t use the NGen d file for some reason (described below), the CLR gracefully goes back to JIT compiling the assembly s IL code, which must be available .
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set the Table.Caption property to a description of the table. Screen readers can read the Table.Caption property to describe the purpose of the data contained in a table to users. This allows the user to quickly determine whether he or she wants to hear the contents of the table or skip past it. ASP.NET controls that render tables (and support the Caption property) include Table, Calendar, DetailsView, FormView, and GridView. Provide a way to identify column headers.
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detail in 5, Input Validation and Site Navigation.
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<Project ToolsVersion="3.5" DefaultTargets="Build" xmlns=""> ... <Import Project="$(MSBuildToolsPath)\Microsoft.CSharp.targets" /> <!-- Extend build to copy the files in output dir --> <PropertyGroup> <BuildDependsOn> $(BuildDependsOn); CopyOutputFiles </BuildDependsOn> <OutputCopyFolder>$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\CustomOutput\</OutputCopyFolder> </PropertyGroup> <Target Name="CopyOutputFiles"> <!-- Dynamically create the item because these files are created during build --> <ItemGroup> <OutputFiles Include="$(OutputPath)**\*" /> </ItemGroup> <MakeDir Directories="$(OutputCopyFolder)" /> <Copy SourceFiles="@(OutputFiles)" DestinationFiles= "@(OutputFiles->'$(OutputCopyFolder)%(RecursiveDir)%(FileName)%(Extension)')" /> </Target> </Project>
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Preparing Go Daddy for Joomla!
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table 1 The validators provided with the Validation block Validator type Value Validators Validator name Contains Characters Validator Date Time Range Validator Domain Validator Enum Conversion Validator Property Comparison Validator Range Validator Regular Expression Validator Relative Date Time Validator Description Checks that an arbitrary string, such as a string entered by a user in a Web form, contains any or all of the specified characters. Checks that a DateTime object falls within a specified range. Checks that a value is one of the specified values in a specified set. Checks that a string can be converted to a value in a specified enumeration type. Compares the value to be checked with the value of a specified property. Checks that a value falls within a specified range. Checks that the value matches the pattern specified by a regular expression. Checks that the DateTime value falls within a specified range using relative times and dates.
Pages in SharePoint in 6.
When the AllowPaging property is set to true, the grid displays a pager bar. You can control the characteristics of the pager to a large extent through the <PagerSettings> and <PagerStyle> tags or their equivalent properties. Unlike the DataGrid, the GridView pager supports first and last page buttons and lets
Starting and Ending a Command Prompt Session 1031
rights from the top-level site. If Manage site groups doesn t appear in the Users and Permissions section of the Site Administration page, click Manage permission inheritance, select Use unique permissions, and then click OK. Manage site groups should now appear in the list.
Appendix D. Garbage Collection
FIGURE 22-28 By default, the SBS server doesn t have permission to access the list of TS RemoteApps.
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Page 322 R record See definition for : capture S source Content that you can capture. Source audio and video content can be captured and encoded from devices installed on your computer or from a file. still image A graphic file, such as file with a .bmp, .gif, .jpg, or .png file name extension. T timeline The area of the user interface that shows the timing and arrangement of files that comprise a presentation. transition The method of smoothly moving from one video clip or still image to another. trim points The points where playback of a file or clip begins and ends. There are two trim points: start trim point and end trim point. trimming The process of hiding parts of a file or clip without deleting them from the original source material. Files and clips can be trimmed by adjusting the start or end trim points.
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