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save an image of your system drive using the Complete PC Backup feature and use shadow copies to recover versions of deleted or changed files from days or weeks earlier.
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When you re creating components, you might find yourself referring to Table 6-1 often. If you discover that an action doesn t have the desired effect, look carefully at where in the life cycle of the component you re taking an action that doesn t seem to work. In most cases, moving the action to a more appropriate event will eliminate the problem.
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SELECT arrid, ROW_NUMBER() OVER(PARTITION BY arrid ORDER BY n) AS pos, CAST(SUBSTRING(array, n, CHARINDEX(',', array + ',', n) - n) AS INT) AS element FROM dbo.Arrays JOIN dbo.Nums ON n <= DATALENGTH(array) + 1 AND SUBSTRING(',' + array, n, 1) = ',';
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In this practice, you use the GridView and DetailsView data-bound controls together to create a master-detail page.
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Part III Caching and State Management
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Lesson 3
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For many years, developers have fretted about the ideal way to manage connections in data access code. Connections are scarce, expensive in terms of resource usage, and can cause a big performance hit if not managed correctly. You must obviously open a connection before you can access data, and you should make sure it is closed after you have finished with it. However, if the operating system does actually create a new connection, and then closes and destroys it every time, execution in your applications would flow like molasses. Instead, ADO.NET holds a pool of open connections that it hands out to applications that require them. Data access code must still go through the motions of calling the methods to create, open, and close connections, but ADO.NET automatically retrieves connections from the connection pool when possible, and decides when and whether to actually close the underlying connection and dispose it. The main issues arise when you have to decide when and how your code should call the Close method. The Data Access block helps to resolve these issues by automatically managing connections as far as is reasonably possible. When you use the Data Access block to retrieve a DataSet, the ExecuteDataSet method automatically opens and closes the connection to the database. If an error occurs, it will ensure that the connection is closed. If you want to keep a connection open, perhaps to perform multiple operations over that connection, you can access the Active Connection property of your DbCommand object and open it before calling the ExecuteDataSet method. The ExecuteDataSet method will leave the connection open when it completes, so you must ensure that your code closes it afterwards. In contrast, when you retrieve a DataReader or an XmlReader, the ExecuteReader method (or, in the case of the XmlReader, the ExecuteXmlReader method) must leave the connection open so that you can read the data. The ExecuteReader method sets the CommandBehavior property of the reader to CloseConnection so that the connection is closed when you dispose the reader. Commonly, you will use a using construct to ensure that the reader is disposed, as shown here:
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Listing 4-3 has the de nition of a CLR-based, user-de ned function called RegexReplace using C# code.
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public void ChangeMode(DetailsViewMode newMode)
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The following is a list of the advantages of using L2TP/IPSec versus PPTP in Win dows Server 2003:
External Activation
FILESUBTYPE AssemblyVersion Comments CompanyName FileDescription
And since a contract cannot be made stricter with new versions (without breaking compatibility), you should carefully consider preconditions when introducing a new virtual, abstract, or interface member . For postconditions and object invariants, contracts can be added and removed at will as the conditions expressed in the virtual/abstract/interface member and the conditions expressed in the overriding member are just logically AND-ed together .
$card = new SecureCard(); $encrypted = $card->EncryptedData; Because there s no member named EncryptedData in the SecureCard class, the __get function is called. In __get, you can check which property is accessed, and you can include code that returns the value for that property. This technique is particularly useful when you want to define virtual members of the class whose values need to be calculated on the spot, as an alternative to using get functions, such as getEncryptedData(). In our case, the __get function handles eight virtual members. The first is EncryptedData, whose value is returned only if _mIsEncrypted is true: public function __get($name) { if ($name == 'EncryptedData') { if ($this->_mIsEncrypted) return $this->_mEncryptedData; else throw new Exception('Data not encrypted'); } Then there s CardNumberX, which needs to return a version of the card number where all digits are obfuscated (replaced with X ) except the last four. This is handy when showing a user existing details and is becoming standard practice because it lets customers know what card they have stored without exposing the details to prying eyes: elseif ($name == 'CardNumberX') { if ($this->_mIsDecrypted) return 'XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-' . substr($this->_mCardNumber, strlen($this->_mCardNumber) - 4, 4); else throw new Exception('Data not decrypted'); } The last six properties (CardHolder, CardNumber, IssueDate, ExpiryDate, IssueNumber, and CardType) are handled in a single block: elseif (in_array($name, array ('CardHolder', 'CardNumber', 'IssueDate', 'ExpiryDate', 'IssueNumber', 'CardType'))) { $name = '_m' . $name; if ($this->_mIsDecrypted) return $this->$name; else throw new Exception('Data not decrypted'); } else {
FigURE 10-3 Classes related to creating ASP.NET web services.
Gets or sets the name of the application or object that caused the exception. By default, this will be the assembly name. Gets a MethodBase class representing the method that threw the exception. Returns the original exception at the root of the exception chain. Serializes an exception. Gets or sets a coded number that uniquely identifies an exception. Predominantly for legacy integration.
creates another thread that attempts to unload the AppDomain . The first thread will forcibly throw the ThreadAbortException and unwind . The new thread will wait for the AppDomain to unload, and then the new thread terminates . If the AppDomain fails to unload, the new thread will process a CannotUnloadAppDomainException, but since you did not write the code that this new thread executes, you can t catch this exception .
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