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Remove distractions from the presentation environment. Rehearse the delivery of your presentation. Deliver a dynamic presentation using Beyond Bullet Points (BBP).
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Are variables reinitialized properly in code that s executed repeatedly Does the code compile with no warnings from the compiler If your language uses implicit declarations, have you compensated for the problems they cause
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Planning the Rest of Your Slides
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This generates the following output:
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Changing Volume Sizes
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To terminate the transaction in connection 1 without committing the change, issue a rollback:
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IFrames open a number customization and integration options. Conceptually, an IFrame creates a window within a web page that displays a second web page. IFrames can display any web page, whether it is hosted on your Microsoft Dynamics CRM server or elsewhere. An example of an IFrame that displays a map website on the Account form is shown in Figure 7-29.
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Tip This logical difference between the ON and WHERE clauses exists only when using an outer
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A wizard is usually created for collecting input data, so validation becomes a critical issue. You can validate the input data in two nonexclusive ways using validators and using transition event handlers. The first option involves placing validator controls in the wizard step. This guarantees that invalid input empty fields or incompatible data types is caught quickly and perhaps on the client. Figure 8-4 shows the error messages you get from the sample wizard of Figure 8-3 if you try to proceed to the next page without entering a first and a last name.
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FigURE 9-6 The AJAX password client component running in a browser.
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Figure 8-2: The application retrieves data from SQL Server using an explicit schema, reads the information through an XML reader, and populates a treeview control. The following code illustrates how to extract information from the previously described schema and add nodes to the treeview. The ProcessXmlData routine has an extra Boolean argument used to specify whether you want the application's user interface to be generic. If the user interface is not generic, it makes assumptions about the structure of the XML data and attributes specific semantics to each element. If the user interface is generic, the sample application treats the data as a generic XML stream. void ProcessXmlData(XmlTextReader reader, bool bUseGenericMode) { // Clear the treeview dataTree.Nodes.Clear(); dataTree.BeginUpdate(); 295
When converting from character to binary, use style 1 when the source string contains the 0x prefix, and style 2 when it doesn t . For example, run the following code:
<claimsAuthorizationManager type="AOrder.OrderTracking.Services. SimpleClaimsAuthorizationManager, AOrder.OrderTracking.Services" />
Other Considerations
After you have configured the publishing settings, you can publish a web application by rightclicking the project in Solution Explorer and then clicking Publish. Visual Studio displays the Publish Web dialog box, as shown in Figure 8-15.
[Serializable][Flags] [Serializable, Flags] [FlagsAttribute, SerializableAttribute] [FlagsAttribute()][Serializable()]
Progress Reporting Cancel
The type implementing the IFormattable interface s ToString method determines which format strings it s going to recognize . If you pass a format string that the type doesn t recognize, the type is supposed to throw a System.FormatException . Many of the types Microsoft has defined in the FCL recognize several formats . For example, the DateTime type supports d for short date, D for long date, g for general, M for month/day, s for sortable, T for long time, u for universal time in ISO 8601 format, U for universal time in full date format, Y for year/month, and others . All enumerated types support G for general, F for flags, D decimal, and X for hexadecimal . I ll cover formatting enumerated types in more detail in 15, Enumerated Types and Bit Flags . Also, all of the built-in numeric types support C for currency, D for decimal, E for exponential (scientific) notation, F for fixed-point, G for general, N for number, P for percent, R for round-trip, and X for hexadecimal . In fact, the numeric types also support picture format strings just in case the simple format strings don t offer you exactly what
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