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First of all, if you create a view with the WITH READ ONLY option (see Figure 10-1), data manipulation via that view is impossible by definition, regardless of how you defined the view. The AVG_EVALUATIONS view definition (see Listing 10-11) contains a GROUP BY clause. This implies that there is no longer a one-to-one relationship between the rows of the view and the rows of the underlying base table. Therefore, data manipulation via the AVG_EVALUATIONS view is impossible. If you use SELECT DISTINCT in your view definition, this has the same effect: it makes your view nonupdatable. You should try to avoid using SELECT DISTINCT in view definitions, because it has additional disadvantages; for example, each view access will force a sort to take place, whether or not you need it. The set operators UNION, MINUS, and INTERSECT also result in nonupdatable views. For example, imagine that you are trying to insert a row via a view based on a UNION in which underlying base table should the DBMS insert that row The Oracle documentation provides all of the details and rules with regard to view updatability. Most rules and exceptions are rather straightforward, and as noted earlier, most Oracle error messages clearly indicate the reason why certain data manipulation commands are forbidden. The data dictionary offers a helpful view to find out which of your view columns are updatable: the USER_UPDATABLE_COLUMNS view. For example, Listing 10-14 shows that you cannot do much with the DESCRIPTION column of the CRS_OFFERINGS view. This is because it is based on a column from the COURSES table, which is a not a key-preserved table in this view. Listing 10-14. View Column Updatability Information from the Data Dictionary SQL> 2 3 4 select , from where column_name updatable, insertable, deletable user_updatable_columns table_name = 'CRS_OFFERINGS'; UPD --YES NO YES INS --YES NO YES DEL --YES NO YES
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FIGURE 18-17 The Select Organizational Unit dialog box
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Precompilation can take two forms: in-place precompilation and deployment precompilation.
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An easy-to-use, fault-tolerant, and high-performance le system is not worth much if the data you want to access is unavailable or out of date. To ensure that les are available to users even if a server goes down, create additional folder targets (as described earlier in this chapter) and use DFS Replication to keep the folder targets in sync. You can also use DFS Replication to synchronize folders that are not part of a DFS Namespace for example, to replicate data from a branch of ce to a server in the main of ce that you back up regularly and reliably.
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When test.cgi is requested from a web browser, the web server looks for test.cgi on the web site, and then executes it using the Ruby interpreter (due to the shebang line as covered earlier in this chapter). The Ruby script returns a basic HTTP header (specifying the content type as HTML) and then returns a basic HTML document.
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Just as the contents of a database table might change, a relation should be able to contain different sets of tuples at different times. The relations of the relational model are actually variables sometimes called relational variables, or relvars, and the value of a relational variable of some type is a set of tuples of that type. We won t always distinguish relations from relational variables of the same type, following common practice in other areas of mathematics. We often write n is an integer when we should more correctly write n is an integer variable, for example. The fact that a relation is a set of tuples has the following important consequences:
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<asp:SqlDataSource runat="server ID="MySource ConnectionString="SERVER= ;DATABASE=northwind;UID= ; DataSourceMode="DataSet SelectCommand="SELECT firstname, lastname FROM employees /> <asp:Repeater runat="server ID="data DataSourceId="MySource > <ItemTemplate> <%# Eval( ProductName ) %> <%# Eval( Price ) %> <br> </ItemTempate> </asp:Repeater>
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