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11 Media in Silverlight: Rich Imaging
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Click the control to highlight it . Click one of the handles appearing on the border of the control and drag the mouse until the control is the correct size . Double-click the control for which you want to handle the event . The code editor will appear, allowing you to add the code necessary to handle the specific event . Add a new style to the page by clicking Format, New Style on the main menu . Click Layout on the main menu and develop a style (defining a style also includes other elements in addition to the layout options, such as font face, size, and margins) . Apply the style to the page or to single elements .
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Exercise: Displaying the Cart Summary
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Structural Components in Detail
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12 Generics
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Running legacy software in 64-bit Windows has some special concerns. The vast majority of 32-bit software will work without issue in the WOW64 subsystem. The only real exceptions to this are applications that have specialized drivers, such as antivirus software, disk defragmentation utilities, and so on. These generally use special le system drivers. Check with your software vendor many provide updated versions that work well with 64-bit Windows. What won t work are 16-bit or MS-DOS applications. There is no support at all in any 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows for 16-bit applications. Nor is there any support for pure DOS applications. (This does not mean that all applications written to run from the command
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Management Managing services services
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Once the issuer establishes the remote user s identity by prompting for a user name and password, the same claims are sent to the application, just as if the employee is inside the corporate rewall. This solution makes Adatum s authentication strategy much more exible. For example, Adatum could ask for additional authentication requirements when someone connects from the Internet, such as smart cards, PINs, or even biometric data. Because authentication is now the responsibility of the issuer, and the applications always receive the same set of claims, the applications don t need to be rewritten. The ability to change the way you authenticate users without having to change your applications is a real bene t of using claims. You can also look at this proposed architecture from the point of view of the HTTP message stream. For more information, see the message sequence diagrams in chapter 2, Claims-Based Architectures.
SELECT dbo.FormatDatetime(GETDATE(), 'MM/dd/yyyy');
(Millenium Edition),
By default, this controller template generates code with the following methods (note that you can change these method names as you see fit): Index, Details, Create, Edit, and Delete. Each of these methods is intended to be used as the method name describes. (Index is used to view a single item.) As an example, suppose that you are using an Entity Framework model tied to the Northwind database. You might opt to define a CustomerController class. This class could include a Details method that is designed to get a customer from the model based on the customer s ID. You would then display those details by using the default details view (Details.aspx), passing the Customer instance as a parameter to the view. The following code is an example.
To view your Internet Explorer 8 security settings, click Internet Options on the Tools menu in Internet Explorer. The Security tab in the Internet Options dialog box displays web content zones, including Internet, Local intranet, Trusted sites, and Restricted sites, as shown in Figure 3-3.
The Orders table is the main data table, and it s populated with 1,000,000 orders spanning four years beginning in 2005. The Customers table is populated with 20,000 customers, the Employees table with 500 employees, and the Shippers table with ve shippers. Note that I distributed the order dates, customer IDs, employee IDs, and shipper IDs in the Orders table with random functions. You might not get the same numbers of rows that I ll be getting in my examples back from the queries, but statistically they should be fairly close. The Nums table is an auxiliary table of numbers, containing only one column, called n, populated with integers in the range 1 through 1,000,000. The code in Listing 4-1 creates the following indexes on the Orders table:
Notice that we declare a nested namespace named Tools (which has the fully qualified name Com.Namespace.Tools) and two class definitions for MyClass. This is permitted because each MyClass declaration is contained within distinct namespaces, giving them the following fully qualified names:
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