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Joins and Set Operations
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All the technologies and programming interfaces we've looked at up to now work regardless of the surrounding environment be it the Microsoft Windows desktop, an MS-DOS console, or a Web server. As long as the Microsoft .NET Framework is available, XML-based code works just fine. When you move on to Web applications, however, things change a little bit. Using XML on the client side of a Web application poses a few extra problems and affects the browsers you can use. In this chapter, you'll learn how to embed XML data in the body of server-side generated HTML pages and how to access that data using script code on the client. To do this, you don't need managed code or the XML classes of the .NET Framework. We'll also investigate a little-used feature of the .NET Framework and Component Object Model (COM) interaction and import a Windows Forms application into an HTML page as a special type of Microsoft ActiveX control. Finally, we'll review the possible ways to make the embedded Windows Forms application access the XML data nested in the same HTML page. To use this chapter's Web applications included with the book's sample files, follow this procedure: 1. Copy the EmbReaders subfolder to your Web server's root (usually c:\inetpub\wwwroot). 2. Create an IIS virtual folder named EmbReaders, and point it to the preceding folder. 3. Point your browser to the dataisland.aspx and dataislandstep2.aspx files in the EmbReaders IIS virtual folder.
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into logical drives. There can be only a single extended partition per hard disk, but this partition can be divided into multiple logical drives. Extended partitions are deprecated in Windows Small Business Server 2008 and can t be directly created from the GUI.
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In Office OneNote 2007 you can open, work with, and share information among multiple notebooks in a single work session. It s not usual to be working with information that relates to more than one project you re working on. As you prepare a marketing plan for a new product launch, you might work with one notebook containing information about the product and another notebook you created as you work on the launch event. The new look of the Office OneNote 2007 window makes it easy for you to easily move from one notebook to another; click the tab of the notebook you want to use on the left side of the window. You can also copy and paste information among notebooks and share information easily by simply selecting, dragging, and dropping information in one notebook to the tab of another notebook.
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click Notes Page. Scroll through all of the slides in the presentation, which will each look similar to Figure 6-7 starting in this view reinforces the concept that you re designing an experience consisting of both projected visuals and spoken words.
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Authenticating and Authorizing the Calling Router
In the .NET Framework, delegates are most frequently used in conjunction with event members. For a complete description of events, see the "Events" section later in this chapter.
Practice 1 Return to the practice from Lesson 3. Create a custom field template for selecting dates. Use the CalendarPicker example from the chapter. Apply this control to date values in the site. Practice 2 Return to the practice from Lesson 3. Create a custom page template for displaying only portions of an Employee object.
When solving such a problem, try rst to relax the limitations and simplify the problem. Then add complexity layers. For example, rst ignore the requirement to nd the minimum integer n that quali es. Try to nd a solution for any integer n that would yield the remainder i 1 for any i value. Obviously, if you multiply all i values (2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10) and subtract 1, the result meets the puzzle s requirement (except for the requirement to nd the minimum n). You can express the same result as the product of the prime factors of the various i values: (2 3 [2 2] 5 [2 3] 7 [2 2 2] [3 3] [2 5]) 1. Next, tackle the minimum requirement. Of course, you ll have to keep at least one occurrence of each prime number (2, 3, 5, 7). The distinct prime factors already cover the i values: 2, 3, 6, 5,
In this exercise, you add the StateListControl created in the prior exercise to a webpage.
Description Generates metadata for one or more files that are combined into an assembly. Microsoft .NET Global Assembly Lists and manipulates the global assembly cache (GAC) Cache Utility (gacutil.exe) and the download cache. See Appendix B for more information. .NET Framework Configuration GUI tool for managing and configuring the .NET Tool (mscorcfg.msc) Framework using the Windows Management Interface (WMI). Microsoft CLR Debugger Graphical debugging tool. (dbgclr.exe) Microsoft CLR Runtime Test Command-line debugging tool. Debugger Shell (cordbg.exe) Microsoft .NET Framework Assists in creating assemblies with strong names. See Strong Name Utility (sn.exe) Appendix B for more information. Code Access Security Policy Tool Security policy management for machine, user, and (caspol.exe) enterprise security policies. Resource File Generator Creates CLR binary resource files from existing native (resgen.exe) formats. Microsoft .NET IL Disassembler Graphical tool to disassemble MSIL files. (ildasm.exe)
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