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When you call InvokeMember, it searches the type s members for a match . If no match is found, a System.MissingMethodException, System.MissingFieldException, or System.MissingMemberException exception is thrown . If a match is found, InvokeMember invokes the member . If the member returns something, InvokeMember returns it to you . If the member doesn t return anything, InvokeMember returns null . If the member you call throws an exception, InvokeMember catches the exception and throws a new System.Reflection. TargetInvocationException . The TargetInvocationException object s InnerException property will contain the actual exception that the invoked method threw . Personally, I don t like this behavior . I d prefer it if InvokeMember didn t wrap the exception and just allowed it to come through . Internally, InvokeMember performs two operations . First, it must select the appropriate member to be called this is known as binding . Second, it must actually invoke the member this is known as invoking . When you call InvokeMember, you pass a string as the name parameter, indicating the name of the member you want InvokeMember to bind to . However, the type might offer several members with the same name . After all, there might be several overloaded versions of a method, or a method and a field might have the same name . Of course, InvokeMember must bind to a single member before it can invoke it . All of the parameters passed to InvokeMember (except for the target parameter) are used to help InvokeMember decide which member to bind to . Let s take a closer look at these parameters . The binder parameter identifies an object whose type is derived from the abstract System.Reflection.Binder type . A Binder-derived type is a type that encapsulates the rules for how InvokeMember should select a single member . The Binder base type defines abstract virtual methods such as BindToField, BindToMethod, ChangeType, ReorderArgumentArray, SelectMethod, and SelectProperty . Internally, InvokeMember calls these methods by using the Binder object passed via InvokeMember s binder parameter . Microsoft has defined an internal (undocumented) concrete type, called System. DefaultBinder, which is derived from Binder . This DefaultBinder type ships with the FCL, and Microsoft expects that almost everyone will use this binder . Some compiler vendors will define their own Binder-derived type and ship it in a runtime library used by code emitted by their compiler .1 When you pass null to InvokeMember s binder parameter, it will use a
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Set up the story in the beginning in Act I.
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The Microsoft Windows Server 2003 family provides the following tools to troubleshoot VPN connections:
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USE tempdb; GO IF OBJECTPROPERTY(OBJECT_ID('dbo.Matrix'), 'IsUserTable') = 1 DROP TABLE dbo.Matrix; GO CREATE TABLE dbo.Matrix ( orderyear INT NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, y2002 INT NULL, y2003 INT NULL, y2004 INT NULL ); INSERT INTO dbo.Matrix(orderyear, y2002) VALUES(2002, 1); INSERT INTO dbo.Matrix(orderyear, y2003) VALUES(2003, 1); INSERT INTO dbo.Matrix(orderyear, y2004) VALUES(2004, 1);
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Importing Namespaces After you reference the appropriate assemblies in your projects, you will probably want to add using statements to your project files to simplify your code and avoid specifying objects using the full namespace names. Start by importing the two core namespaces that you will require in every project that uses Enterprise Library: Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Common Microsoft.Practices.EnterpriseLibrary.Common.Configuration Depending on how you decide to work with Enterprise Library in terms of instantiating the objects it contains, you may need to import two more namespaces. We ll come to this when we look at object instantiation in Enterprise Library a little later in this chapter. You will also need to import the namespaces for the specific application blocks you are using. Most of the Enterprise Library assemblies contain several namespaces to organize the contents. For example, as you can see in Figure 2, the main assembly for the Logging block (one of the more complex blocks) contains a dozen subsidiary namespaces. If you use classes from these namespaces, such as specific filters, listeners, or formatters, you may need to import several of these namespaces.
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The Global Assembly Cache
Configure the VPN router with an on-subnet address range by obtaining IP
To obtain a computer certificate on CLIENT1 and then configure an L2TP/IPSec based remote access VPN connection, perform the following steps: 1. Shut down CLIENT1. 2. Disconnect the CLIENT1 computer from the simulated Internet network seg ment, and connect it to the intranet network segment. 3. Restart the CLIENT1 computer, and log on using the VPNUser1 account. Computer and user group policy is automatically updated. 4. Shut down the CLIENT1 computer. 5. Disconnect the CLIENT1 computer from the intranet network segment, and connect it to the simulated Internet network segment. 6. Restart the CLIENT1 computer, and log on using the VPNUser1 account. 7. On CLIENT1, open the Network Connections folder from Control Panel. 8. In Network Tasks, click Create A New Connection. 9. On the Welcome To The New Connection Wizard page of the New Connec tion Wizard, click Next. 10. On the Network Connection Type page, click Connect To The Network At My Workplace. 11. Click Next. On the Network Connection page, click Virtual Private Network Connection. 12. Click Next. On the Connection Name page, type L2TPtoCorpnet in the Company Name text box. 13. Click Next. On the VPN Server Selection page, type in the Host Name Or IP Address text box. 14. Click Next. On the Public Network page, click Do Not Dial The Initial Con nection. 15. Click Next. On the Connection Availability page, click Next. 16. On the Completing The New Connection Wizard page, click Finish. The Connect L2TPtoCorpnet dialog box is displayed. 17. Click Properties, and then click the Networking tab. 18. On the Networking tab, in the Type Of VPN drop-down list, select L2TP IPSec VPN. This is shown in the following figure.
<Project xmlns="" DefaultTargets="Demo"> <UsingTask AssemblyFile="$(MSBuildProjectDirectory)\..\Examples.Tasks.dll" TaskName="GetDate" /> <Target Name="Demo"> <GetDate> <Output PropertyName="DateUnformatted" TaskParameter="Date" /> </GetDate> <GetDate Format=""> <Output PropertyName="DateValue" TaskParameter="Date" /> </GetDate> <PropertyGroup> <FolderName>$(MSBuildProjectName)_$(DateValue)</FolderName> </PropertyGroup> <Message Text="DateUnformatted value: $(DateUnformatted)" /> <Message Text="DateValue value: $(DateValue)" /> <Message Text="FolderName value: $(FolderName)" /> </Target> </Project>
Working with Groups
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What Are Master Pages
The stackalloc Command
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