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These are the software versions this appendix has been tested with. You should, however, install the latest version of all software packages, understanding that the installation steps might slightly differ. We ll discuss installation under Windows and under Linux separately. The HatShop application you ll develop in the book may work with older versions of the software too. It is very important that the PHP version is PHP 5.0 or more recent; the code uses OOP syntax that isn t recognized by older versions of PHP . Because highly sensitive data such as credit card information must travel safely over the Web, it s critical to host your application on an SSL-powered web server. Also, the PHP installation must have these modules installed: CURL, mcrypt, mhash, SOAP PDO, and PDO driver , for PostgreSQL.
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Because we created three N:1 relationships between the Lease and Contact entities (one for each potential tenant), and we also created three N:1 relationships between the Apartment and Contact entities (one for each current tenant), the contact record shows the leases and apartments related to a contact three different times each. If the tenant was listed as Tenant 1 on one lease, but then listed as Tenant 2 on a second lease, those records would be listed under their respective relationships. From a user perspective, it would be ideal to be able to open a contact and view all of that contact s current and past leases in a single view. Unfortunately, the lease information in our current data model appears in three different places. If the organization decided this data model was not acceptable, we could modify the design. Figure 10-7 shows a modified data model where we changed the following custom relationships:
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In addition to these new security options in the Microsoft Office system, you can still use the tried-and-true Protect Document tool, now available by clicking the Review command tab in Office Word 2007, and the Protect Sheet and Protect Workbook tools in the Review command tab of Office Excel 2007. Both of these commands enable you to set varying degrees of protection and to assign passwords to your files to further ensure that your files are accessible only to those with the necessary permissions.
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if ( accountType == AccountType.NewAccount ) ...
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that point to the VPN server s intranet interface. Configure the neighboring router to propagate these static routes to other routers in the intranet, using the dynamic routing protocol used in your intranet.
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Building and deploying an XML Web service is a simple task. However, it's important that the directive file and the code assembly be located correctly. For our example, the file locations are
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There are many reasons why the ancient concept of hierarchy still holds such power today. Some researchers believe that the mind uses hierarchical structures to store information in and retrieve information from long-term memory. For example, the idea of chunking is based on the idea that long-term memory applies a higher category to smaller pieces in working memory to bring them together and make them easier to handle. Some experts believe that a part of the brain called the neocortex retrieves information in a hierarchical way. And certainly the organizational technique of hierarchy is fully a part of most outlining systems, as well as many computer languages. When you write your Act II headlines, you tap into hierarchical power by bringing the structure itself from long-term memory and applying it to the organization of your slides, as shown in Figure 5-30. A hierarchy turns out to be a deep and memorable way to help you and your audiences get right to the heart of the matter.
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The location in memory is an address, often expressed in hexadecimal notation. An address on a 32-bit processor would be a 32-bit value such as 0x0001EA40. The pointer itself contains only this address. To use the data the pointer points to, you have to go to that address and interpret the contents of memory at that location. If you were to look at the memory in that location, it would be just a collection of bits. It has to be interpreted to be meaningful.
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The following code shows how to programmatically access any site map information and build the user interface of the home page. The following page contains a horizontal bar showing a brief description of the home page and a vertical menu:
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Ch apt er 10 Dep L OYING r U B Y a p p L IC a tIONS a N D LI B r a r I e S
Core Facilities
This section provides a quick database lesson covering the essential information you need to know to design simple data tables. We ll briefly discuss the main parts that make up a database table: Primary keys PostgreSQL data types UNIQUE columns NOT NULL columns and default values Serial columns and sequences Indexes
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