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FIGURE 7-37 The Group Policy Management Editor
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Password Authentication Protocol (PAP) Shiva Password Authentication Protocol (SPAP)
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12: Other Tools
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A SharePoint site is nothing more than a web site, but it s a web site with a distinct advantage. Rather than using web site design tools or HTML to lay content out on blank pages, a SharePoint site consists of web part pages, web parts, document libraries, and lists. A web part is a component designed to display specific information, such as an announcements list, a calendar, or a document library. A web part page is a web page that contains preestablished zones where web parts can be positioned. Figure 1-4 shows a newly created web part page and a list of available web parts to add to the page.
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9 Dynamic SQL
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Completing the Getting Started Tasks
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Dynamic Data, XBAP, MVC, AJAX, and Silverlight
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Users can also start dialog processes directly from a record, as shown in Figure 15-2. datamatrix generator
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The first decision you will make is whether you want to develop a modular solution. There are numerous benefits of building modular applications as discussed in the previous section, but there is a commitment in terms of time and effort that you need to make to reap these benefits. If you decide to develop a modular solution, there are several more things to consider: Determine the framework you will use. You can create your own modularity framework, or you can use Prism, MEF, or another framework. Determine how to organize your solution. Approach a modular architecture by defining the boundaries of each module, including which assemblies are part of each module. You can decide to use modularity to ease the development, as well as to have control over how the application will be deployed or if it will support a plug-in or extensible architecture. Determine how to partition your modules. Modules can be partitioned differently based on requirements: for example, by functional areas, provider modules, development teams, and deployment requirements. Select the core services that the application will provide to all modules. For example, a core service could be an error reporting service or an authentication and authorization service. If you are using Prism, determine the approach that you will use to register modules in the module catalog. For WPF, you can register modules in code, XAML, in a configuration file, or you can locate modules in a local directory on disk. For Silverlight, you can register modules in code or XAML. Determine your module communication and dependency strategy. Modules will need to communicate with each other, and you will need to deal with dependencies between modules.
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100 dynamized by using F9 (simulates the reading of new data)
to application-level events from a webpage. Correct Answer: D
In addition to entering data directly into an Office Spreadsheet Web Part, you can connect to existing data sources. See Connecting Web Parts to Data later in this chapter for information about how to access existing data sources.
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Marketing folder. However, he can access the webpages from a shared folder, because NTFS permissions grant him access. Only ASP.NET blocks access.
Preferably, various different controls that produce similar or identical effects should be positioned next to each other . When selecting and positioning controls, you should also take account of the symbolic nature of their use: is something hanging from it (see the plumb line in Figure 6-17 below) or standing on it Has it been dragged, moved (from where to where), lifted, lowered, inserted (back and forth or on and off) An interdependency between the switch and its effect should be immediately discernible and spatially coordinated if possible . Consider, for example, that there are drivers who, despite having spent several years behind the wheel, can't seem to get used to having a button for controlling an electric window in the central console, and not next to the window itself .
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