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Objective 4.4: Provide Secure Access Between Private Networks 16-37
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The Set-Based Technique prior to SQL Server 2005
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SELECT Cur.mnth, Cur.qty, SIGN(Cur.qty - Prv.qty) AS sgn FROM dbo.SalesRN AS Cur LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.SalesRN AS Prv ON Cur.rn = Prv.rn + 1; GO
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8.4 Outer Joins
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Figure 3-5. Set options for the query in the External Data Range Properties dialog box.
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When selecting an algorithm for calculating hash codes for instances of your type, try to follow these guidelines:
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Before proceeding to the next step, restore the original clustered index:
Figure 11.19 The Internet or Intranet Host Settings page. 4. In the Friendly host name box, type the name you want to give this Web server. Make it something descriptive so you can remember the purpose of this server. Also, make sure you use a unique name for each Web server. For example, you might call this server Marketing Department Meetings, or something equally descriptive. 5. In the Publish Web files to box, type the URL or UNC address of the server to which you want to publish your presentation Web files, for example: http://yourserver/yourpath
On the Initial Con guration Tasks Wizard, click Enable Automatic Updating And Feedback to open the dialog box shown in Figure 23-18.
namespace MyControls { /// <summary> /// Summary description for WebCustomControl1. /// </summary> ///
public sealed class Program { public static void Main() { Int32 x; // x is uninitialized GetVal(out x); // x doesn t have to be initialized. Console.WriteLine(x); // Displays "10" } private static void GetVal(out Int32 v) { v = 10; // This method must initialize v. } }
Since the JeffTypes files are no longer in the application s base directory, the CLR won t be able to locate and load these files; running the application will cause a System.IO.FileNotFoundException exception to be thrown. To fix this, the publisher creates an XML configuration file and deploys it to the application s base directory. The name of this file must be the name of the application s main assembly file with a .config extension: App.exe.config, for this example. This configuration file should look like this: 62
Managing the Windows Firewall
Module types follow a standardized naming convention that includes a prefix (mod_) added to the module name, no spaces in the type name, and all letters of the module name in lowercase. In contrast, module instance names include spaces and have a mixture of uppercase and lowercase. Checking the Type column of the Module Manager will reveal the foundation type that defines each module instance.
7 Here s the misuse of the loop index s terminal value.
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